Deck Analysis: Giovanni Capecci’s Harpie Ladys

You might remember Giovanni Capecci from YCS Leipzig or, more recently, the European Championship. He tends to put up strong finishes with somewhat exotic Decks and prior to this event, he got in touch with me and informed that he would be running Harpies. Ain’t that a tease?!

[b]Monster Cards: 14[/b]

3 [h chan]
3 [h queen]
2 [h dancer]
2 [monk]
2 [h lady 1]
1 [zephy]
1 [hpd]

[b]Spell Cards: 15[/b]

3 [upstart]
3 [h sign]
3 [hhg]
2 [mst]
1 [egotist]
3 [h party]

[b]Trap Cards: 12[/b]

3 [fchain]
2 [icarus]
2 [mf]
1 [warning]
1 [bth]
1 [trap stun]
1 [tt]
1 [ced]

[b]Extra Deck: 15[/b]
3 [chidori]
1 [ibz]
1 [maestro]
1 [101]
1 [ddw]
1 [dweller]
1 [eek]
1 [cowboy]
1 [emeral]
1 [74]
1 [11]
1 [sack]
1 [qdd]

How would you describe your Deck to someone who’s never heard anything about the Harpies?
[b]Giovanni:[/b] The strategy in a nutshell goes as follows: You try to Special Summon as many monsters as fast as possible while you’re also hitting your opponent’s back row, so you can then attack for tons of damage![/quote]
Alright, but can you break it down a little further?
[monk], [h chan] and [h party] help you to [ss] several monsters a turn and this basically happens turn after turn. [h chan] and [hpd] allow for a quick Rank 7 Xyz-Summon, so you have access to [11], [sack] or [74].

Alternatively, you can use your Level 4 monsters to summon [chidori], a very powerful card that helps you control the field and dish out some damage. Since [h party] will often allow you to [ss] several copies of [chidori], you can easily turn a game around with just this one card![/quote]
You also mentioned you can easily take out your opponent’s back row?
I play 3 copies of [h queen] so I can easily get my hands on [hhg]. Whenever I play a Harpie after, I can destroy a Spell or Trap on the field. [h queen] shouldn’t be underestimated since it also boasts a hefty 1900 ATK and with a [hhg] already on the field, it goes up to 2100! Since I’m also running [h lady 1], my monsters are often receiving a welcome power boost, so those birds can show their claws and take down my opponent’s monsters![/quote]

Giovanni is piloting Harpie Ladys this weekend!
Giovanni is piloting Harpie Ladys this weekend!

You mentioned the Deck features even more combos?
The biggest advantage of the Deck is that it features plenty of “smaller combos” rather than one or two big ones. “Little things” like summoning [h dancer], returning it to your hand and playing it again can make a big difference since you can take out 2 of your opponent’s Spell or Trap Cards.

If you instead opt to summon [h chan] for the additional Normal Summon, you can discard [h dancer] and go for [sack] or some other big hitter. So the “tons of damage” I mentioned above are not just a phrase, half the time you’re literally taking out your opponent’s Life Points in just a few turns![/quote]
What else do you got?
Another great enabler in my Deck is [zephy]. It can return [hhg], [fchain], [h party] (after I went for my Xyz-Summons) and [h sign], so there are more than enough targets and I get a lot of value out of the card.[/quote]
You said you really liked [74]?
I think it’s one of the most underrated cards at the moment. [prison] is seeing a lot more play lately and many players think Fire Fist is the Deck to beat. A card that “can’t be targeted” (which is basically what it’s effect is saying) is very powerful in such an environment and thanks to its high ATK, it’s very hard to get rid of.[/quote]
Any other noteworthy cards?
It’s not the most creative choice anymore, but I run 3 [upstart] since I don’t mind the extra Life Points for my opponent; most of the time it’s much more important to get my hands on certain cards instead.[/quote]
So would you say your Deck is well positioned in the current environment?
Like I mentioned above, I’m expecting Fire Fist, Bujin and maybe Hieratic Ruler. I have a great match-up against all of those Decks and the element of surprise is also working in my favor. Few people know what to board against the Deck and apart from a [debunk], they won’t have a lot of cards that work really well against my Deck. So even in Duel 2 (and a possible Duel 3), I should be in great shape.

My opponent can never really feel safe since I have so many ways to destroy their back row. If they do, I can easily punish them and pick it apart card after card.[/quote]
What are your expectations for the weekend, then?
The first few matches will be the most important ones this weekend. If I can manage to pull off a couple of wins in a row, I will move up to the top tables where most players are supposedly playing the most popular Decks. I should do really well against those whereas some of the less popular Decks that are playing less back row cards (e.g. Lightsworn or Mermail) might give me a hard time.

So if I have a good start, I could go all the way and secure a spot in Day 2.[/quote]
Do you think more players will pick up Harpies after this weekend’s event?
I know that a few other guys will be playing the Deck and I hope that we can show the world how much potential this archetype has. I’m not sure I have unlocked all the tricks of the archetype, but for my personal playing style, this should be the right choice. If you don’t agree with some of my choices, just try the Deck out for yourself and make some changes, I’m sure you’ll score some decent results in no time![/quote]
Alright, thank you for the interview, Giovanni and best of luck today!

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