Deck Analysis: Johannes Kobelt’s Chain Beat!

It’s the first Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series for young Johannes Kobelt, but so far, he’s not showing any signs of inexperience. Sporting a decent 8 – 1 record, it certainly looks like we’ll see him again in the Top 32, so let’s take a closer look at his unique approach. He’s playing a Chain Beat Deck that also features some Anti Meta elements and on top of that, he’s splashing some Fire Fist cards!

[quote][b]Monster Cards: 15[/b]
3 [ff bear]
2 [ev thun]
3 [w rabbit]
3 [pachy]
1 [rai oh]
1 [mole]
2 [veiler]

[b]Spell Cards: 15[/b]
3 [duality]
3 [lance]
3 [ff tenki]
2 [ff gyok]
3 [mst]
1 [hole]

[b]Trap Cards: 11[/b]
2 [mf]
2 [prison]
1 [tt]
1 [ced]
1 [bth]
1 [warning]
1 [safe zone]
2 [fiendish]

[b]Extra Deck: 14[/b]
1 [sdd]
1 [scrap dragon]
1 [catastor]
1 [brd]
1 [cowboy]
1 [emeral]
1 [maestro]
1 [ophion]
1 [ff tigerking]
1 [30]
1 [zenmaines]
1 [50]
1 [papi]
1 [pearl]

[b]How did you end up playing a Deck that unites so many different strategies?[/b]
I was watching a couple of Chain Beat Decks (those that rely on [w rabbit] and [ev thun]) and started to like them a lot. I figured they should be pretty good in the current environment since your opponent has a very hard time getting rid of them. I added [pachy] and [vane] to shut down opposing strategies and from that point onwards, it seemed like I was on the right track.

[mole] was the next card I wanted to add and it worked best together with [lance]. Your opponent desperately tries to stop you from attacking the whole time and that’s when you can bring out [mole] to clear the path for your other attackers. When your opponent then tries to stop its attack, [lance] could force it through, so that seemed like a lot of good synergies that could act as a foundation for a Deck.[/quote]
[b]What do you need to keep in mind when you’re playing the Deck?[/b]
It’s important to try and play [w rabbit] first and then [ev thun]. This way, you can banish [w rabbit] with its own effect which then allows you to trigger the effect of [ev thun], so both of them can dodge a bullet.

The best openings are [rai oh] and [pachy] since they shut down so many of your opponent’s strategies. Thanks to [prison], [mf] and [fiendish], it’s very easy to keep them on the field and make sure that you’re never giving up the advantage.[/quote]

Johannes Kobelt is a true magician, combining the power of 3 different archetypes!
Johannes Kobelt is a true magician, combining the power of 3 different archetypes!

[b]Do you have problems against any Decks in particular?[/b]
Everything that [ns]s powerful monsters like Evilswarm. [ff bear] is one of the best cards against these Decks and it’s yet another reason why I’m such a big fan of [lance]. In those match-ups, it’s crucial to keep [ff bear] on the field for as long as possible and being able to save it from a removal is key to my strategy.

Also, you need to know when you play your [mst] with this Deck. You never just hit a random target, you almost always save it until your opponent is activating something like [fiendish] which you can then counter with it.[/quote]
[b]What Decks did you play this weekend and how did it go?[/b]
I played 5 times against Fire Fist and I won 3 of those matches. The one match I lost, my opponent shut down my [bth] with [ff gyok]. He attacked with a Fire Fist Monster, I thought I had game because of [mf], but a [bandit] made sure he kept his field and went on to win the match. It’s such a good card, but well, it only happened once this weekend, so I’m not feeling too bad.

I think I should be ahead against Mermail because of [pachy] and [vane], but I haven’t played against them in this tournament yet. I also played against X-Saber, Noble Knights, Inzektors and 2 Prophecy Decks. Against those, my [kycoo] in the Side Deck had to put in some work and well, it certainly did.[/quote]
[b]How important is your Extra Deck?[/b]
[pearl] is the only Extra Deck Monster I’ve used all weekend. It’s another powerful beatstick and most of the time, I don’t need anything else. [ophion] is only there if I play 2 [ff gyok] and I end up with 2 copies of [ev thun], but that happens quite rarely.

[zenmaines] is a great card against Mermails when you’re low in regards of Life Points. Another all-star is [30] which helps me against Decks that run [sd] and try to shut me down. They are punishing themselves when they activate the card and I find a second [w rabbit] (I’ll just use the effect of the first to make sure it will survive another turn when they activate [sd]).[/quote]
[b]Let’s hope Johannes can pull off that crucial victory in one of the two matches remaining so we’ll see him again in the Top 32![/b]

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