Deck Analysis: Kehinde Adereni’s Agents of Perfection

We saw Kehinde Adereni’s Agents of Perfection Deck live in action during our Round 3 Feature Match and it certainly seemed like he was sporting something unique. I decided to take down the full contents of his Deck so I could provide you with yet another Deck Feature!
[b]27 Monsters:[/b]

3 [hop]
3 [hyperion]
3 [msb]
2 [jupiter]
2 [megami]
3 [orange]
3 [venus]
1 [earth]
2 [kristya]
3 [manju]
1 [alchemist]
1 [honest]

[b]10 Spell Cards:[/b]

3 [rites]
1 [ara]
3 [dawn]
1 [reborn]
1 [poa]
1 [storm]

[b]3 Trap Cards:[/b]

2 [warning]
1 [decree]

[b]Side Deck:[/b]

3 [pikeru]

We have seen some interesting plays during the Feature Match already, but what do you feel is the best play for your Deck?
The best way to kick things off is to bring out [hop] as soon as possible. This often spells doom on my opponent’s game plan and I think it’s fair to say that I have something like a 90% chance of winning if [hop] hits the field. There are very few ways for my opponent to ever get rid of it!
[p]Alright, but how likely is it for you to start in that fashion?
Thanks to [manju] and [rites], it’s very easy to set up your hand for a quick [hop] summon. Unfortunately, [rai oh] is one of the more popular cards, which can easily throw a stone in my way.

Kehinde Adereni is running a very unique Deck today!
Kehinde Adereni is running a very unique Deck today!

Are there any other cards that harm your strategy?
Yeah, [veiler] and [dolkka] can also limit me big time. They work extremely well against [hop] and I’ll always need to bring it out before my opponent can go for [dolkka]. Therefore, I’m not too thrilled about the Dino Rabbit match-up, but it’s still possible to win it!
I wanted to know if Kehinde prefers to play in a defensive way, but he was quick to point out that he’s mostly on the offensive.
[/p][quote][p]Thanks to [venus], [kristya] and [hyperion], it’s easy to apply pressure early on and your opponent will then have to find a way to get out of the desperate situation. If you have [hop] on the field at that point in time, he will really struggle and most of the times he can’t find a way to turn it around![/p][/quote]
Kehinde is extremely confident in his Main Deck and that’s why he’s only running 3 (!) Side Deck cards: 3 copies of [pikeru]. This gives him some additional room to breathe against Chain Burn Decks, one of his least favorable match-ups. However, other than that, he thinks that his Deck has got all it takes to do well against most other Decks, so he doesn’t want to introduce cards to his Main Deck that would only mess up the strategy of his Main Deck. This is a statement I’ve practically never heard before and I’ll make sure to take another look at Kehinde’s performance during the later rounds.

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