Deck Analysis – Keith Hearne’s “Negate EVERYTHING!” Deck

We on the coverage team are often asked about Deck features – everyone wants to show off their own list and let the world see their different card choices. If you’re after a feature at a big event, there’s a general rule to follow: do something different. Keith Hearne has managed to do this, and has drawn me in with his Rock Stun Deck.

[br][quote]Monsters: 16

3 [km guard]
3 [km sand]
3 [km wall]
3 [pachy]
2 [tkr]
1 [jar]
1 [mole]

Spells: 8

2 [pod]
2 [mst]
1 [hole]
1 [storm]
1 [1dop]
1 [sealo]

Traps: 16

3 [macro]
2 [mf]
2 [tt]
2 [ced]
2 [prison]
2 [bribe]
1 [sj]
1 [sw]
1 [starlight]

Side Deck: 15

3 [kycoo]
3 [electric virus]
1 [ktw]
3 [mind drain]
2 [soul drain]
2 [sd]
1 [sim]

As you can see, this Deck earns it’s name of ‘All of the negation’ by being packed full of cards designed to disrupt every opponent’s main strategy. Each of the main Rock monsters (the Koa’ki Meiru trio) earns it’s keep by keeping a decent attack presence on the field while providing the multi-functional ability to choose a card or effect to negate at leisure.

Hearne travelled here from Dublin, Ireland to negate EVERYTHING!
Hearne travelled here from Dublin, Ireland to negate EVERYTHING!

Hearne is from Dublin, Ireland and this is his first major European event. I asked him to explain the basic principle of the Deck in some more detail:

[quote]The idea is to wear down the opponent, making them use up all of their resources and commit to the field with Monsters that I can easily destroy and then continue to beat them down. It can be quite a slow Deck but that’s because it grinds out, controlling the opponent until they can’t make any more plays.

To beat me Decks usually have to get going very quickly and if they’re graveyard-orientated they need to put everything in the graveyard turn one or two, otherwise I have a [macro] or [pachy] and they won’t be able to set up properly.

I have a good matchup against Spellbooks and have Side Decked really heavily for Dragon Rulers. [mind drain] does a great job of shutting them down. [/quote][nbsp]

It’s clear from looking through the Deck and drawing some test hands that any of the popular Decks are going to struggle to use conventional strategies to overcome Hearne in the main event. Many of the cards have great synergy with each other, although all Decks have stand-out performers. When asked what his was, Hearne said:

[quote]It has to be [sealo]. There are many elements to it that are useful to the Deck. Firstly I rarely [ss] from the Extra Deck so it’s condition is not a problem. Secondly, it means all of the Monsters I want to keep on the field to impose on the opponent become 2400atk – such as the Rock Monsters and [tkr]. At the same time, it serves the purpose of removing [sb tower], [ravine], and [necrov] etc from the field.[/quote][nbsp]

Anti-meta Decks are increasing in popularity – and with Decks like this it’s clear to see why. Steering your opponent away from their main track and forcing them to think outside the box if they want to stand any chance of getting around your negation cards adds an additional element to the Duel – not only are you making your opponent play with the cards and combos that they know, but they have to change their playstyle, which can be very off-putting.

It’s this edge that means the rise of anti-meta may be imminent (although if enough anti-meta Decks appear, they stop being anti-meta and become the meta – mind = blown!) and Dragon Ruler/Spellbook players will need to watch out this weekend for the rogue Decks sneaking up through the ranks!

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