Deck Analysis: Kimon Tsitsiridis’ Bug Collection

Ever since Ioannis Mourelatos showed the world back at YCS Leipzig that he and his friends had some rather unique ideas for the Inzektor archetype (maxing out on copies of [i sword] to unleash some combos even faster), I drew the conclusion that some of the best Inzektor Duelists in the world are coming from Greece. While I’m not sure whether Mourelatos will be in attendance this weekend, his fellow countryman Kimon Tsitsiridis is here to hold up high both the Greek as well as the Inzektor flag. Let’s see what he brings to the table!
[nbsp][quote]Monsters: 16

3 [i bug]
3 [i pede]
1 [i hop]
1 [i mantis]
1 [i fly]
1 [i hornet]
2 [monk]
1 [arma]
1 [dad]
2 [maxx]

Spell Cards: 12

3 [mst]
2 [pod]
2 [i sword]
1 [bom]
1 [hole]
1 [foolish]
2 [lance]

Trap Cards: 12

3 [roar]
3 [fchain]
2 [coth]
1 [ced]
1 [6s]
1 [warning]
1 [tt]

Side Deck:

2 [crow]
1 [maxx]
2 [iiw]
2 [mind crush]
2 [trap hole]
2 [dust]
2 [gozen]
1 [lockdown]
1 [eev]

Extra Deck:

1 [66]
1 [30]
1 [tiras]
1 [17]
1 [dweller]
1 [lchain]
1 [leviair]
1 [shark fortress]
1 [61]
1 [dnix]
1 [65]
1 [mqangineer]
1 [gaia dragon]
1 [i stag]
1 [20][/quote]

Tsitsiridis was one of the many Duelists that took advantage of our latest feature on the coverage page that allows you to send in your decklist prior to the tournament to make the coverage team aware of your unique strategy.

Early talks with players indicated that the Dragon Rulers will most likely turn out to be the most popular Deck of the weekend once again, so it comes as a surprise that someone puts his money on one of the strategies that are way past their prime. Tsitsiridis felt confident, however, that his Deck would favor him against a number of different archetypes, among them the Dragon Rulers, Spellbooks, Evilswarm, Blackwing and Constellars. While the Inzektors have been struggling badly ever since [i fly] got limited, they have learned a new tricks. Kimon was willing to fill us in:

[quote][b]Kimon Tsitsiridis:[/b] The new key strategy of the Deck is to go for [lchain] which you can bring out really fast with [monk] to put either [dad] or [i fly] on top of your Deck. The following turn, you can then take total control of the game and push for the win![/quote]
[b]What’s the other part of the strategy?[/b]
[quote]I run 12 cards that help me not fall behind, among them [roar], [fiendish], [coth] and many limited cards, e.g. [ced], [warning], etc.
[lance] also helps me to prevent my monsters from getting destroyed which is very important in this Deck.[/quote]
[b]When you first submitted the Deck, you were also running [upstart] and other cards to speed up your Deck. What made you change your mind?[/b]
[quote]I thought it would be better to draw into some key cards earlier, however, more testing revealed that it was often better to simply protect the monsters you already had on the field. So I started adding more defensive cards rather than cards that allow me to thin out the Deck.

Now, if I start with [i pede] and [i bug] and any Trap Cards, it’s almost a guaranteed win for me![/quote]

Kimon Tsitsiridis brought the Inzektors to the table today!
Kimon Tsitsiridis brought the Inzektors to the table today!

[b]Are players still prepared for Inzektors?[/b]
[quote]No, they really aren’t. I lost Round 1 to a friend, but he had no idea how to fight my strategy. He was in a topdeck situation and if he wouldn’t have drawn a monster, I would have won, but lady luck was on his side. The second round went better, I was now able to beat a Zombie Swarm Deck. This opponent also didn’t know what the cards were doing.[/quote]
[b]If you could make any changes to your Deck now, what would they be?[/b]
[quote]I would leave it like it is for today. However, in the next format, I would go back to [allure], [upstart] and [reckless] as I think they will work better in a slower format. Also, I won’t need [lance] as much as I do now; I can instead focus on Xyz Monsters.[/quote]
[b]What does your Side Deck look like?[/b]
[quote]I have [crow], the third [maxx], [gozen] and [iiw] there to further improve the match-up against Dragon Rulers. I also have 2 copies of [dust] just in case they side into [sd].

Against Decks that depend on their Normal Summons, I have [trap hole], [mind crush] and [eev]. This works really well against them.

[lockdown] is perfect against Noble Knights and Spellbooks, so I also got options to fight these Decks.[/quote]
[b]What did the Inzektors gain when compared to when they were in their prime?[/b]
[quote]The Extra Deck is much better now; [lchain] is so strong in this Deck. Also, [65], [mqangineer] and [66] are strong additions; you can easily Xyz Summon them to the field [i sword], [i fly] and [i hornet]. Once you have them all out, you defend [65] with [66] and when they then try to wipe my field with a removal, say, [hole], I can use the effect of [mqangineer] to switch [66] to [def] and make sure it survives and [66] in turn protects [65]. So I only lose 1 card rather than all 3 monsters!

Also, [lance] is good against opponents that want to fight the monsters I Normal Summon. I can then make sure they stay on the field and unleash this and some other combos, so the Deck is really flexible in my opinion.[/quote]
[b]Is there another strategy that helped you win a lot of games?[/b]
[quote]I summon [i fly] and attach [i bug] to it. I then add [i pede] to get [i sword], which then allows me to Xyz Summon [i stag]. After attaching [i fly], I take their strongest monster, equip [i sword] to it and I attack. [i sword] goes to the Graveyard, I search for [i fly] and I can start all over the following turn.
So my opponent will have to commit a lot of the field to get over my strong monsters, I can [xyz] [61] the following turn and that often means game thanks to the effect damage it deals![/quote]
Tsitsiridis came somewhat close before, ending up in the Top 32 of the European Championship 2012. We’ll definitely watch him this weekend to see whether the Inzektors will be able to make another appearance at the top tables after their brief absence.

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