Deck Analysis: Lewis Norman’s Harpies!

I often go on what I like to call a ‘Deck Dive’ at events. It gives me a chance to get in and chat to the Deck Check team and really find out what’s being played so far. Today I noticed a Decktype that’s been around for a long time and only just cropped back up: Harpies. As the Deck does with the field, Harpies are swarming the format in real life.

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They’re not considered ‘tier one’ Deck by any means. They haven’t necessarily featured in a top cut at a tournament. Which means they must be about to have their day in a European event, it’s only a matter of time…

The Deck centers around cards like [egotist] and [h party] to Special Summon as many Harpies as possible and use them to fuel Xyz Summons. Having tipped all these Harpie cards on the field [hhg]’s effect activates multiple times emptying the back row of any threats.

[h dancer] is a fantastic combo card for this Deck, again working with [hhg] to destroy a few cards.
[hpd] and [h chan] have pretty obvious synergy, [h chan] reads that it can Special Summon -any- Harpie card! This includes [hpd], and when it’s on the field [h chan] also becomes a level 7. This can allow for some huge Xyz Monsters to hit the field.

I was unfortunately unable to find Lewis for comment, but we hope he does well in today’s event and best of luck!

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