Deck Analysis: Marco Sfameni’s Batterymen!

I’m always on the lookout for people playing Decks that are underrated or come with a little surprise. As a result I was extremely happy to scour the tables during round two and find two Duelists on one of the top tables already packing up, one unceremoniously beaten in a matter of minutes. The offender in question? Marco Sfameni and his Batterymen Deck! I pulled him aside to get a closer look.

Sfameni, from Sicily, Italy is 18 and liked the look of Batterymen at this event thanks to the new support it has received in [duea]. “It’s also greatly unexpected here which gives me an advantage against people who don’t know what the Deck does” he tells me. First off, let’s take a look at the list:

3 [tsh]
3 [batt 9v]
3 [batt micro]
3 [batt fuel]
2 [batt charge]
1 Batteryman Industrial Strength

3 [mst]
3 [pod]
3 [charger]
3 [stormforth]

3 [chain]
3 [coth]
2 [wiretap]
2 [trap stun]
2 [vane]
1 [sw][/quote]

Batteryman 9V
I sat down with Sfameni and asked him to show me through the Deck’s combos and main plays.

[quote]What makes the Deck work?

MS: It’s an OTK Deck so it doesn’t grind very well. The best set up the Deck can have is a set Trap Stun which I can use in the Standby Phase. This allows me to follow up by using [stormforth] to tribute my opponent’s monster for [batt charge] and search out [batt 9v]. This means I can search [batt fuel] and [ss] it because I now have two Batterymen on the field. If I had another Fuel Cell in my hand that’s the game won straight away. [stormforth] is so good because it allows me to attack on the same turn which you can’t do with [soul].
So what are your biggest strengths at this event?

MS: I really like this Deck at this event both because it’s unexpected and with all of the Burning Abyss and Shaddoll Decks running around I can use [batt micro] really easily. Most opponents think it’s a Burning Abyss card or a Shaddoll Monster. If I can get the Flip Effect off it allows me to [ss] [batt 9v] and go off with my combos the next turn. Even if they attack it I get a [ss] and then I’m allowed to draw.
What’s the worst matchup you have today then?
MS: Well if I don’t draw the [trap stun]s or [wiretap]s it’s too dangerous to try my combos against any Deck which plays a lot of Trap cards.
Any good tech cards that I should know about?

MS: My friends and I all decided we were going to play [puppet] at this event because it allows me to take control of [shd winda], [stell delt] or [dante]. I can tribute one of the first two but I wouldn’t want to tribute Dante because of the effect – it’s still great to win games with though.[/quote]
Monarch Stormforth
Sfameni is currently 2-0 with his Batteryman Deck and going strong – keep an eye out and you may see him in a Feature Match soon!

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