Deck Analysis: Martin Funke’s Dimensional Volcanics

[p]Yesterday’s breakout Deck clearly seemed to be Martin Funke’s Dimensional Volcanics that we saw in our Round 4 Feature Match. I sat down with him after Day 1 concluded as he ended up on a respectable 6 – 2 record which means we’ll welcome him back today!
[quote]Monsters: 15

2 [smonk]
3 [rocket]
2 [tgu]
1 [reaper]
1 Aster Drawn
1 [mf]
1 Mist Valley Soldier
1 [zephy]
1 [vtroop]
1 Tasuke Knight
1 Armored Bee

Spells: 17

3 [df]
2 [blaze]
2 [duality]
2 [mst]
2 [sorl]
1 [reborn]
1 [hole]
1 [mind]
1 [storm]
1 [bom]
1 [lance]

Traps: 9

2 [bth]
2 [ced]
1 [tt]
1 [mf]
1 [sj]
1 [return]

Side Deck: 15

2 [bts]
2 [trap stun]
1 [sim]
1 [mst]
1 [lance]
2 [rai oh]
2 [lady]
1 [bls]
1 [lyla]
1 [pachy]
1 [psiblocker]

Extra Deck: 15

1 [sd]
1 [sdd]
1 [brd]
1 [gaia]
1 [disigma]
1 [c39]
1 [16]
1 [39]
1 [ddw]
1 [zen]
1 [maestro]
1 [cowboy]
1 [leviair]
1 [temtempo]
1 [zenmaines]
[p][b]First of all, what do you call this Deck and how did you come up with the idea to it?[/b]
[/p][quote][p][b]Martin:[/b] I decided to call the Deck Dimensional Volcanics as that’s part of the key strategy. I always pick interesting cards and then try to build a Deck around them. In this case, I chose [rocket] and [smonk] and then tried to put something together that can work around all the monsters that you discard from your hand to foil your opponent’s plan (e.g. [maxx] or [veiler]).[br]
That’s why I also added [df] and that’s basically the core of the Deck.[/p][/quote]
[p][b]Alright, where did you go from there?[/b]
[/p][quote][p][b]Martin:[/b] First, I played the Deck just for fun, trying out different things. I then started to think more about it and this went a lot like this: Which targets should I add to make the most of [smonk]? That’s how I ended up with Tasuke Knight, [zephy] and Aster Drawn – all of them can allow for quick Xyz Summons. Tasuke Knight can protect my Life Points and Armored Bee helps against powerful monsters like [bls], [redmd], [shi en] and so forth.[br]
After that, I tried to come up with ideas to make more use of [blaze]; the result was the inclusion of [cursed seal].
[p][b]So how did the Deck perform during testing?[/b]
[/p][quote][p][b]Martin:[/b] It actually did perform pretty well. The only times I had problems was when I didn’t draw into any monsters – I’m only running 15 after all. Or when my opponent was rushing me like a crazy person and not giving me enough time to build up.
[p][b]I guess your 6 – 2 record after Day 1 is partly because the element of surprise worked in your favor?[/b]
[/p][quote][p][b]Martin:[/b] It is playing a huge role indeed. Most of my opponent’s haven’t seen many of the cards I’m running ever before, they commit to mistakes and I can then take advantage of that.[br]
In the Feature Match, both my opponent and the judge had to read every card I played just to understand what they were doing. My opponent lost his focus as his whole flow was interrupted time and again and this lead to him making mistakes.

Martin Funke's Deck idea won our breakout award today!
Martin Funke's Deck idea won our breakout award today!

[p][b]If you could change anything about your Deck right now, what would it be?[/b]
[/p][quote][p][b]Martin:[/b] I kicked 2 [roar] in my Side Deck for [bls] and [lady]. I’m no longer convinced this was the best choice. I didn’t draw into [bls] once, so it’s hard to tell if that would have made the difference.
[p][b]What about your Side Deck strategy?[/b]
[/p][quote][p][b]Martin:[/b] I rarely change the core strategy of the Deck, but against Wind-Ups, I get rid of [df], 1 copy of [blaze] and [rocket] each as well as [poa] and I then add 2 [rai oh], 1 [psiblocker], 2 [bts] and [pachy]. I only played against Wind-Ups once, so I can’t really tell whether this has been the correct plan. I didn’t really draw into any of my Side Deck tech.
[p][b]Any famous last words?[/b]
[/p][p][quote][b]Martin:[/b] I want to thank all my friends from Thüringen that made the trip, especially Chris Schröder who drove with me here. Jonathan Kloß also supported me a lot this weekend as well as Vladimir and Daniel who provided lots of entertainment value on our way here!
My shoutout goes out to all the creative Duelists that prefer to build their own Decks rather than copy something established already![/p][/quote]

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