Deck Analysis: Martin Witt’s Monarch

07.07.2012 | 10:48 |

Martin Witt is a busy person. So busy in fact, that he had huge troubles qualifying for the European Championship the past year. He decided to make the trip to the WCQ: European Championship anyway since Milan seemed like a good city to have a short vacation. And then there were the Last Chance Qualifiers. Fortunately for Martin, he came out winning one of these events, so he’ll now have a chance at eternal glory and become European Champion with his Monarch Deck. Let’s take a closer look at it!


Check back after the event to take a look at the Decklist!


Martin, you’re bringing Monarchs to the table. We haven’t seen that Deck in a while, why did you pick it?

Martin: It’s one of my favorite Decks! I like the fact that they’ve been around forever and it’s a rather affordable Deck. The Deck is always evolving, with new cards getting introduced that you can add to give it more options against the other popular Decks.

Speaking of the popular Decks, how does your Deck fare in a field full of Inzektors, Chaos Dragons, Wind-Ups and Dino Rabbits?

Martin: Chaos Dragons are tough in the first game, but it is much easier once I add some Kycoo the Ghost Destroyers and Electric Virus from my Side Deck. Yesterday, I lost all my first games against them, but went on to win the other 2 games!

Light and Darkness Dragon is a beast against Inzektors and I can also add some D.D. Crow from my Side Deck to improve my chances. I’m Main Decking Vanity's Fiend and it’s one of the key cards against Wind-Ups, other than that, I can add Maxx "C" from my Side Deck. Vanity's Fiend also proved to be great against Dino Rabbits, together with Jinzo!

Oh, wow, that sounds like a lot of the cards we haven’t seen in a while make an appearance in your Deck. Can you tell us a little more about that?

Martin: Oh, you have to watch my opponent’s faces after I first bring out Jinzo. I have heard many players going on about how outdated the card is, but still they struggle to get rid of it once I Summon it to the field!


Martin Witt is running something old school this weekend!

Martin Witt is running something old school this weekend!


Why did you not play Maxx "C" in your Main Deck?

Martin: I think the card works great against Wind-Ups, but it doesn’t do that much against the other popular Decks. I want my Main Deck to be as flexible as possible, that’s why I couldn’t really find the space to include them there.

My opponent also needs to adapt to my strategy a lot; I’m not playing any Traps, that’s why their Mystical Space Typhoon and Heavy Storm are often dead against me!

You just mentioned your Side Deck; it seems unique as it features a lot of cards in 3’s. We haven’t seen that in a while, with more and more players trying to add as many cards as possible to it that work well against 1 particular strategy, which in turn causes them to run low on space, so they can’t fit in playsets of all the cards they wanted. Does this strategy work out well for you?

Martin: It really works for my Deck. Since I’ve been playing it forever, I know what to take out and I don’t waste much time Side Decking. So I can always take out the Tribute Monsters that do the least against my respective opponent and introduce some cards that shut down their strategy.

It’s hard for my opponent to read my Side Deck strategy as most of the cards that are in my Side Deck are sitting in my hand forever until you discard them to get their effects. So they really don’t see it coming and I can often catch them off-guard!

Your Extra Deck seems like just another evergreen – I haven’t seen that many Synchro Monsters in a long time!

Martin: It’s not like I’m constantly Synchro Summoning monsters to the field. I run that many different Synchro Monsters as I want to stay as flexible as possible. It often goes like this: I discard Effect Veiler a little earlier in the game to foil one of their plans. I then bring out Light and Darkness Dragon to put more pressure on them. Once they get rid of it, I bring back Effect Veiler with its effect, the following Standby Phase, I add Treeborn Frog and together they are getting Tuned to Formula Synchron. From then on, I have all the options to bring out various Synchro Monsters and take control of the game!

Alright, thank you so much for taking the time to sit down and talk a little strategy! Best of luck to you in the event this weekend!

Martin: Thank you! I would like to greet my family as well as my friends from Uetersen and Hamburg that are rooting for me this weekend! Special thanks to the Laude family, Benjamin Gross and Daniel Plaul who put the Deck together with me the day before yesterday!