Deck Analysis: Michael Ciplak’s Fire Kings!

Earlier today you saw Michael Ciplak in our Round 8 Mega Feature, and Round 9 Feature Match. He was using Fire Kings for the event – a gutsy choice.

Since he did so well, I figured why not follow it up with a Deck Analysis!?

[b]Monster Cards: 17[/b]

3 [wolfbark]
1 [ff bear]
3 [fk yak]
3 [fk bar]
3 [fk hgar]
2 [fk gar]
2 [veiler]

[b]Spell Cards: 15[/b]

3 [ff tenki]
3 [mst]
3 [fk ons]
3 [fk circle]
1 [bom]
2 [rekindling]

[b]Trap Cards: 8[/b]

3 [fchain]
1 [warning]
1 [tt]
1 [bth]
1 [ced]
1 [mf]

[b]Side Deck: 15[/b]

2 [maxx]
3 [debunk]
2 [dna]
2 [lim]
3 [overworked]
3 [dust]

[b]Extra Deck: 15[/b]

2 [101]
1 [eek]
2 [ddw]
2 [ff tigerking]
2 [bujin kagut]
1 [lchain]
1 [cowboy]
2 [dweller]
1 [maestro]
1 [50]

Michael finished the event in the top 32 and was one of two players in the top cut using the Fire King cards. I decided to ask him some questions about the Deck:


So why did you chose to play with the Fire King cards?
[quote]They have a great match up against the top Decks – Mermail and Fire Fist. You have huge plays because you can have a great field but you can always come back from a bad position thanks to [fk ons] and [rekindling]. We decided against playing Fire Fist as this Deck does the same things – and has the same strengths – but is even stronger.[/quote]
Did you ever find that [fk hgar] was a dead draw?
[quote]Drawing [fk hgar] is not a bad thing any more. You play [ff tenki] for [fk yak] every time which the opponent’s don’t really tend to destroy and it allows me to have multiple options. Of course I lost a couple of games by having three [fk hgar] in hand but it does not make it worth playing two of them – I still think three is the best number.[/quote]
What are the main plays for the Deck?
[quote]It’s not really a combo Deck but has lots of standalone cards. [fk ons] is great to get [fk hgar] because it keeps coming back again and again. I play two of the [rekindling] because it’s great in the late game and forgives earlier mistakes sometimes. There are great plays with the [fk circle] especially in the Battle Phase to make more damage but it is also great with [fk bar] and [fk hgar]. It’s a great feeling to have both a [fk circle] and [fk hgar] on the field at the same time.[/quote]
Do you have a best play from the weekend?
[quote]I played against a Battlin’ Boxer Deck in the early rounds and it was great for me because you have so many outs against the big Xyz Monster and it’s a great feeling to know that a Deck that will normally give you a lot of trouble was so easy. I had a lot of hard games all weekend and that felt like the easiest because I really got to feel the full potential of my Deck.[/quote]
Are you going to continue to play this Deck after this tournament?
[quote]I might play it for a few weeks more but I am going to switch Decks to either Harpie Ladies or Cyber Dragons – I really like Cyber Dragons because of the [dna] plays and it gives me a sense of nostalgia since I was around when [cydra] was first released and it had a huge impact on the game.[/quote]
Are you happy with your choice to play Fire Kings this weekend?
[quote]Of course – I would never chose another Deck for this event. No regrets.[/quote]

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