Deck Analysis: Nino Zimmermann’s Ghostrick Mansion

The 125th YCS here in Turin is also the very first YCS with the new cards of Shadow Specters. While a lot of existing archetypes got fresh and new support, there also is a completely new archetype debuting to the world: the forces of Halloween, Ghostrick! Nino Zimmermann from Germany is one of the brave Duelists piloting this Deck today, trying to catch incautious Duelists off-guard. Will he be able to scare off his opponents?


Nino is playing Ghostrick this weekend!

The Ghostrick Monsters tend to hide themselves in the dark shadows of [gt mansion]. Face-down they wait for their opportunity to devour some of their opponent Life Points by attacking directly thanks to the Field Spell Card. But as fast they can emerge from the shadows, they can hide in them again. And while [gt mansion] is face-up on the field, they cannot be attacked by any other monsters.

This is a unique tactic most duelists have never seen before. The unknown always results in unease. Is this a way to get ahead of your opponent? Let’s talk to Nino, how scared his opponents really are and what he has to say about his Deck!
Hey Nino! Do you mind introducing yourself?

[quote]Of course! I’m Nino, 25 years old. I live in Magdeburg, Germany and just opened my own TCG Store, the “Heldenwelt”. It’s a completely new store and we just started running bigger tournaments. We plan to hold a WCQ: Regional next year.[/quote]
How did you got the idea to play this Deck?

[quote]I wanted to play a fun Deck. Ghostrick just sold me. They have funny artworks and funny effect. I really like the style of “Trick or Treat”. And did I mention I really, really like the artworks?[/quote]

Can you see its confident smile?

So what is your favorite Ghostrick card?

[quote]Definitely [gt specter]. The artwork is hilarious. Specter looks so happy. And the effect is awesome, too. You get to draw a card when you are able to Special Summon it, which helps the Deck to get its key cards.[/quote]
You are playing a lot of unusual Xyz Monsters! What are the benefits of these?

[quote]In the first place I only played about 5 or 6 different Xyz Monsters. But I wanted to use the Extra-Deck to its full potential. So I started looking up some of the Xyz Monsters this Deck could play. Unlike any other Deck I can heavily focus on Rank 1 Xyz Monsters, which gives me the opportunity to play some cool monsters. I like [54] most. Its effect is so strong and powerful.[/quote]

Number 54: Lion Heart is hard to deal with!

Is there any combo, you like the most?

[quote]If my opponent has a lot of monsters, I like to play [heat wave] followed up by [mj2]. My opponent cannot Normal or Special Summon any Monsters until my next Draw Phase, so this can break up his complete gameplan.[/quote]
It looks like you teched your Deck heavily against Dragon Rulers.

[quote]Yes, I did. With cards like [maxx] and [wall]. But my gameplan is a little bit more complicated. Usually I try to win by Deckout. By shutting down all his options and possibilities there is no way for my opponent to beat me. So I can just sit there and wait. But [mj2] really helps to speed up the process and it is a super strong card itself. My opponents really have problems to figure out how to play against me and how to beat me. And when they figure out, it is often to late![/quote]
Do you think it is important to surprise your opponent?

[quote]Definitely! It is one of the biggest strength of this Deck. You can’t fight what you don’t know![/quote]
Let’s all wish good luck to Nino! Here is his Decklist!


3 [gt jiangshi]
3 [gt ghoul]
3 [gt lantern]
3 [maxx]
3 [mj2]
2 [guide]
1 [metaion]
1 [dyna]
1 [ccrane]


3 [duality]
3 [mst]
3 [rec night]
1 [dark hole]
1 [heat wave]
1 [po2]


2 [gt scare]
3 [needle]
2 [wall]
1 [sw]
1 [ced]


2 [potom]
3 [prohibition]
2 [dark dust spirit]
3 [debunk]
2 [secret barrel]
3 [rainbow life]


3 [gt alucard]
1 [zenmaines]
1 [leviair]
1 [83]
1 [angineer]
1 [greno]
1 [30]
1 [17]
1 [49]
1 [54]
2 [downerd]
1 [dianthus]

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