Deck Analysis: Paolo Pacchiana’s 54-card Burning Shaddoll Deck!

One of the bigger talking points on the stream this weekend was Paolo Pacchiana and his 54-card Deck which contains elements of both the Burning Abyss and Shaddoll archetypes. Larger sized Decks were frowned upon for a long time until a >50 card Mermail Deck came to fruition over a year ago and since then people have been trying to replicate the success.

Generally if you ask one of the players that frequently reaches the top cut of premier events about Deck sizes they will probably tell you that consistency is key and you can achieve that by keeping to the minimum number of cards allowed in a Deck. Occasionally, strategies arise that involve more cards than that so it’s good to look at what they’re doing differently and why it works. Let’s take a look at Pacchiana’s Decklist:

Monsters: 28
3 [kuribandit]
3 [tgu]
3 [mathe]
3 [ba scarm]
3 [ba graff]
1 [ba cir]
2 [shd squa]
2 [shd hedg]
2 [shd falco]
2 [shd beast]
1 [shd drag]
1 [veiler]
1 [felis]
1 [bls]

Spells: 12
3 [shd fus]
3 [superpoly]
3 [botend]
1 [bom]
1 [allure]
1 [foolish]

Traps: 14
3 [ssg]
3 [pwwb]
2 [karma]
2 [break]
2 [vane]
1 [sw]
1 [ced]

The first thing to notice is the mix of Burning Abyss and Shaddoll. These are usually seen individually because you can then use the rest of the space in the Deck to focus on a complimentary archetype such as Dragons or Artifacts. With Burning Abyss you rarely see anything other than [tgu] for level three Xyz support and occasionally a [bls] if the Rank-Up version of the Deck is being played.

This deck doesn’t utilise any of the “normal” Burning Abyss cards such as [sup squad] or [rumaf]. Instead it concentrates on generating more cards than the opponent using the Shaddoll engine with the Burning Abyss cards to subsidise with level three Xyz Monsters. This means you are getting all the advantages of playing a Shaddoll Deck with the extra options of [gt alucard] or [dante] if you need them.
On top of that, there are far more Dark Monsters in the Deck than normal meaning there is good use to come from using [botend]. Not only is it a great card for allowing you to draw three cards but it also recycles all of your Shaddols to re-use with Squamata and Construct.

The high number of cards generated in the hand means multiple copies of [pwwb], [superpoly] and [karma] are feasible in the Deck as there are generally cards to be discarded, not to mention it triggers the effects of many of the Monsters Pacchiana is playing.
Beginning of the End
We are in the top 16 right now and this innovative Duelist is still going strong – can he make it all the way with his unique Deck? Stay tuned to find out!

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