Deck Analysis: Raul Fernandez’, Alejandro Ropero and Samuel Gutierrez’ Worms

[p]You might remember Raul Fernandez Guiscardo from Milan. Back then, he and his friend David Garcia were piloting a Vayu Turbo Deck with lots of success through a field full of Plant Synchros and X-Sabers. This weekend, Tengu Plant Decks are by far the most popular deck, so let’s see how Fernandez and 2 of his friends were trying to beat the popular archetype!
[p][b]Let’s tell us about your Deck finding process![/b][/p]
[p][b]Raul Fernandez Guiscardo:[/b] I was testing together with my friends Alejandro Ropero and Samuel Gutierrez. We tried to make some Decks work, but it seemed like few decks were able to beat Tengu Plants. However, we didn’t feel like playing the deck ourselves. When you’re getting paired against another player who relies on it, you often make a big play and then you watch your opponent making an even bigger play – at least if his hand is featuring enough powerful cards. Then there’s almost no way for you to come back, so you just sit there watching how you get crushed. It didn’t sound too appealing to us.
[p][b]Alejandro Ropero:[/b] Anti Meta was our next idea, however, it didn’t seem like the deck was fast enough. Our opponents could easily dictate the pace of the game instead of the other way round.[/p]
[p][b]Raul Fernandez:[/b] “Alejandro then came up with the idea of playing Worms. Most of the Worms help you to get your hands on extra cards, so you always have lots of options. Additionally, [nebula] seemed like too good to not play it – it can stop your opponents from [synch]ing and you can gain even more from the effects of your Worms. We felt like we found a good answer for Tengu Plant, which everyone expected to be the most popular deck.[/p]

Samuel Gutierrez, Raul Fernandez Guiscardo and Alejandro Ropero play Worms today!
Samuel Gutierrez, Raul Fernandez Guiscardo and Alejandro Ropero play Worms today!

[b]What about your other match-ups?[/b]
[b]Samuel Gutierrez:[/b] The deck’s also doing pretty well against Six Samurai. We’re playing [rai oh] and [pachy] that can stop them from bringing out [shi en] and [xex] is also a good way to stop them from dealing too much damage early on as they can’t always get over it easily without the Special Summons.
[b]You’re one of the few players that don’t use [tghl] this weekend?[/b]
[b]Raul Fernandez:[/b] Yeah, it doesn’t really fit in. We’re main decking [gozen], so [tghl] could often not be [synch]ed in the first place. If we would [ss] it, we couldn’t play any other monster! [i]He jokingly added:[/i] We prefer to use [android] to gain Life Points instead (and obviously because it’s Light)!
[b]Tell us about the strongest combos in your deck![/b]
[b]Alejandro Ropero:[/b] Well, obviously the [xex] and [yagan]combo is very strong. [nebula] combos nicely with almost every other Worm in the deck and [gozen match] together with [pachy] can completely wreck some decks! They can’t get rid of [pachy] as we’re playing so much protection, sometimes this little 2 card combo means game already!
[b]What records are you sitting on?[/b]
[b]Samuel Gutierrez:[/b] Raul is currently sitting on a 4 – 0 record; Alejandro is 3 – 1 and I drawed once, but won the other 3 Matches!
[b]Now after you’ve been playing in the WCQ: EC for 4 rounds, what changes would you apply to your deck if any?[/b]
[b]Raul Fernandez:[/b] I think none! It seems like we came up with the perfect answer to the popular Decks and so far our strategy proves rather successful.


[quote]17 Monster Cards:

3 [xex]
3 [yagan]
3 [cartaros]
1 [worm king]
2 [rai oh]
2 [pachy]
2 [crow]
1 [veiler]

9 Spell Cards:

3 [pod]
2 [mst]
2 [fchalice]
1 [bom]
1 [hole]

14 Trap Cards:

3 [nebula]
2 [warning]
1 [sj]
1 [fiendish]
2 [gozen]
1 [mf]
1 [tt]
2 [prison]
1 [opp]

Extra Deck:

1 [fsynch]
2 [catastor]
2 [android]
1 [brionac]
1 [gaia]
1 [brd]
1 [scrap archfiend]
1 [sdd]
1 [scrap dragon]
1 [wurm]
1 [trishula]
2 [cfd]

Side Deck:

2 [cd]
2 [breaker]
2 [b]Core Destroyer[/b]
1 [b]Ally of Justice Quarantine[/b]
2 [ground]
1 [reborn]
1 [noc]
2 [malevolent]
1 [cease]
1 [b]Saggi the Dark Clown[/b]

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