Deck Analysis: Rudolf Weissingers’ Monarchs

Rudolf Weissinger is no stranger to the higher level events. He’s a multiple time YCS attendee, he’s come close to winning his country’s National Championship and he’s done well in the European Championship. Did I mention he’s been doing all this ever since 2004? Today, he’s bringing a Monarch Deck to the table and he’s among the most successful Duelists, sporting an impressive 13 points prior to Round 6. That were enough reasons to convince me to talk strategy with him!
[quote]Monsters: 27

3 [caius]
3 [raiza]
2 [ladd]
1 [dark dust spirit]
3 [treeborn]
3 [swap]
1 [ronin]
2 [veiler]
2 [maxx]
1 [gorz]
2 [trag]
3 [fader]
1 [bls]

Spells: 12

3 [soul]
3 [econ]
1 [storm]
1 [hole]
2 [mst]
1 [cs]

Traps: 1

1 [treacherous]

Side Deck: 15

2 [eoa]
2 [vanity]
1 [burial]
1 [mst]
2 [imps]
1 [canceller]
2 [crow]
1 [jinzo]
1 [soul taker]
2 [dust]

Extra Deck:

2 [ggg]
2 [slacker]
1 [25]
1 [psb]
1 [exa beetle]
1 [gaia dragon]
1 [fsynch]
1 [catastor]
1 [gaia]
1 [brd]
1 [scrap dragon]
1 [crimson blader][/quote]
[b]Rudolf, you’ve been around for years. What’s the best reason to keep playing the game in your opinion?[/b]

[quote]I enjoy the challenge; every tournament is a new one and you need to keep the pace with a lot of younger players that have much more time to test their Decks. I feel like this is keeping my mind occupied and I enjoy the feeling a lot.[/quote]
[b]So how did you end up playing Monarchs today?[/b]

[quote]I don’t own a couple of the cards that have just been released, so I have troubles building some of the “new” Decks. I always try to make something out of the cards I already own and I think the Monarchs are still competitive if you adapt your strategy accordingly.
Also, I think it’s harder to play matches against opponents that rely on the same Deck, so I think it’s better to pick something you feel comfortable with and you enjoy playing. Often, this pays out big time![/quote]
[b]What changes did you apply to keep the pace with the Mermails and Firefists?[/b]

[quote]The biggest strength of the Deck is that your opponent will have big troubles finishing you in a single turn. Thanks to the fact that I’m running a lot of monsters that can buy me another turn – [fader], [trag] and [gorz], I’ll be able to fight back. Additionally, I always have a monster of the field thanks to [treeborn] and [ronin], which makes it harder for my opponent to dish out a lot of damage.

Other than that, my gameplan is really straightforward; you find something to tribute for a Monarch, you Tribute Summon it, banish some of your opponent’s cards and put them under a lot of pressure this way. Repeat this strategy often enough and you’ll eventually end up winning the game.[/quote]

Rudolf Weissinger's Monarchs are old but gold!
Rudolf Weissinger's Monarchs are old but gold!

[b]Do you have some crazy Side Decking tech?[/b]

[quote][vanity] is giving Mermail players a really hard time! There’s very little they can do against the card. [eoa] fills a similiar role, but it’s also very helpful against Dark World.
Other than those 2, I didn’t side in many cards today.[/quote]
[b]Do you have to adapt a lot depending on your opponent’s strategy?[/b]

[quote]Basically, the Deck is very defensive. If your opponent isn’t playing anything, you don’t want to do anything either. I even considered adding [thestalos] for that reason only; just so you want to summon a Monarch when your opponent doesn’t have a card on the field.

Since I’m reactive, I don’t need to plan a lot of moves in advance; I just watch what my opponent is doing and then try to come up with a good answer and that’s pretty much it.

The only Deck that’s an exception to this rule are the Firefists. You need to do something all the time as you don’t want them to attack into an open field and gain more advantage this way.

I think that’s also why the Deck should be a good choice for less experienced players; there’s simply not that much going on.[/quote]

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