Deck Analysis: Sergio Soldani’s Inzektors

In round one we saw World Championship top eight player Sergio Soldani pilot his Inzektor Deck to a comfortable victory. Now we get the chance to take a look at the Deck itself and ask Soldani why he believed this was the best Deck for the event!

Soldani was last seen competing in Las Vegas!
Soldani was last seen competing in Las Vegas!

Originally Soldani used our Deck Submission Form and submitted a Spellbook list. Baring that in mind, the first question I had was simple: why the change?


I tested with Spellbook for a long time and it was great against all rogue Decks – but I found it was only 50/50 against Dragon Rulers. The problem is then that you don’t gain a huge advantage against Dragon Rulers by Side-Decking while they are much better off for game two and three. I went back to testing Inzektor which is really strong against Dragons and is only really weak against Spellbook – which isn’t hugely popular at the moment.[/quote]
With that in mind, let’s have a look at the Deck he feels will take him to win the YCS:
[b]Monsters: 20[/b]

3 [i pede]
3 [ccd]
3 [maxx]
3 [i bug]
2 [trooper]
2 [redox]
1 [i fly]
1 [i mantis]
1 [i weevil]
1 [i hornet]

[b]Spells: 10[/b]

3 [mst]
3 [pod]
1 [allure]
1 [foolish]
1 [insect imitation]
1 [i sword]

[b]Traps: 10[/b]

3 [reckless]
3 [waboku]
1 [6s]
1 [tt]
1 [break]
1 [sw][/quote]
[b]Explain some of your card choices – for example Waboku over Threatening Roar?[/b]

[quote][roar] has only one good point – it’s good against Gladiator Beasts. Who plays Gladiator Beasts? [waboku] allows the attack through and they can still lose their Monster. In my last game someone ran their [ev kery] in to my [i pede] and lost out. Against Dragons it’s great if [sack] attacks into Waboku because then it can’t use the destruction effect in [mp2]. I don’t play [dad] because if you can Summon it you’ve usually already got Dragonfly and Hornet and therefore should be in a strong enough position to win without it.[/quote]
[b] What’s your favourite thing about the Deck?[/b]
[quote]I love that you can OTK with just [redox] and [i fly]. If they leave a Monster out with more than 400 ATK then I can make [61], destroy their Monster, [xyz] [gdtc],use Redox to revive Dragonfly and then make [shark fortress]![/quote]
[b]Why not Dragons?[/b]
[quote]Now that there are more options than just Dragons I like to play something different. Of course the [wcq] and World Championship was different because there weren’t many options but now I can play this and feel comfortable. [/quote]
[b]What has been your best card today?[/b]
[quote]Redox! [reborn] is Forbidden but I can use the same effect twice in a game with Redox![/quote]

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