Deck Analysis: Steffen Eichelberger’s Peaceful Dark World

[p]We have seen Steffen Eichelberger coming really close in our Round 10 Feature Match, but he still had a shot at advancing to the round of the last 32 players remaining in competition. let’s take a closer look at his take on the Dark World archetype!
Monsters: 20

3 [grapha]
3 [snoww]
3 [broww]
2 [tgu]
3 [tdc]
2 [trag]
1 [gorz]
1 [trance]
1 [dad]
1 [maldust]

Spells: 20

3 [gates]
3 [dwd]
2 [godw]
3 [trade in]
1 [cd]
1 [allure]
3 [1dop]
2 [mst]
1 [storm]
1 [reborn]

Side Deck: 15

1 [lava golem]
1 [sillva]
1 [mst]
3 [decree]
2 [tt]
1 [smog]
2 [mind crush]
2 [ddv]
2 [eev]

Extra Deck: 15

1 [30]
1 [17]
2 [leviair]
1 [temtempo]
1 [zenmaines]
1 [muzu]
1 [39]
1 [maestro]
1 [dweller]
1 [ngepd]
2 [helio]
2 [sdd]
[p][b]How did you end up playing Dark World after the Deck didn’t exactly make huge waves recently?[/b]
[/p][quote][p][b]Steffen:[/b] I read a Deck Feature of Tim Rettig at a slightly larger regional tournament in Berlin. I tried it out, I always liked Dark World and after I started to feel more and more confident about it, I settled on it for this YCS.
[p][b]What are your unique changes for your Deck?[/b]
[/p][quote][p][b]Steffen:[/b] I’m playing 3 copies of [1dop] and they act as my only defense. Most other players instead use [upstart] or [reckless], but I preferred this option as it also helped me to survive for another turn to get my combo going again.
[p][b]So what have been your experiences this weekend?[/b]
[/p][quote][p][b]Steffen:[/b] Overwhelmingly positive! It’s my first YCS and I’m doing a lot better than I expected, so I’m definitely not complaining! Truth be told, I thought I’d end up on a 0 – 3 record and drop out of the tournament early to enroll in the Public Events.

Steffen Eichelberger's signature cards don't even feature a Dark World Monster!
Steffen Eichelberger's signature cards don't even feature a Dark World Monster!

[nbsp][p][b]Why is it that your Dark World Deck can beat the opposition?[/b]
[/p][quote][p][b]Steffen:[/b] I’m running 3 copies of [tdc] and it can really bring you back when your opponent thought he’s got you with your back against the wall. He returns either [broww] or [snoww] to the field, I then bring back [grapha] and I can then go for [helio] and start laying the smackdown on my opponent!
[p][b]Is there any unique Side Decking strategy that worked in your favor this weekend?[/b]
[/p][quote][p][b]Steffen:[/b] Since I’m not running any Traps in my Main Deck, I can bring in 3 copies of [decree] to fight Dino Rabbit Decks that also rely on [macro], Anti Decks that are full of Trap Cards as well as Chain Burner Decks and last, against Fire Fist Decks that run too many copies of [ff tensen] and similar cards.
I also run a spare copy of [lava golem] in my Side Deck. I can either get rid of troublesome monsters or simply discard it for something like [dwd]. So it rarely happens that my hand is no longer usable because of it.
[p][b]How consistent is your Deck?[/b]
[/p][quote][p][b]Steffen:[/b] A friend of mine tried his hands on the Deck and after a few games, he commented it’s the least consistent Deck he’s ever seen!
I respectfully disagree; I think if you don’t forget to set up your big plays and work towards it, you’ll be able to constantly combo off and throw big monsters at your opponent. Often, they won’t be able to handle so much pressure and that will ultimately result in your victory!

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