Deck Analysis: Youri Lansman’s stunning Anti-Meta Deck

We saw earlier that Youri Lansman won the first WCQ: Regional Public Event of YCS Lille; let’s take a look at the Deck he used and why it has such good matchups against the popular Deck choices of the moment!

Main Deck: 41
3 [guaiba]
2 [tkr]
2 [pachy]
2 [ddwl]
2 [bull blader]
2 [radiance]
1 [reaper]
1 [gale]
1 [mole]

3 [mst]
2 [lance]
2 [pod]
1 [storm]
1 [hole]
1 [reborn]

3 [fiendish]
3 [dprison]
2 [bth]
2 [safe zone]
2 [mf]
1 [sw]
1 [sj]
1 [road]

Side Deck: 15

1 [pachy]
1 [twister]
3 [macro]
2 [bts]
2 [trap stun]
2 [overworked]
2 [debunk]
2 [ced]

Youri already took the first WCQ: Regional of the weekend with this Deck!
Youri already took the first WCQ: Regional of the weekend with this Deck!

As you can tell, Lansman has really prepared for the popular decks of this tournament and has both Main and Side Deck tech for all of the heavily played matchups in the tournament. Using cards like [pachy], [tkr] and [radiance], he can completely shut down most opponents. When you back up these monsters with powerful protection cards like [safe zone] it gives the opposing Duelist very few options!

[b]What made you want to play this deck in the tournament?[/b]
I always want to play with decks that aren’t popular, I’ve tried using Decks like Water and Fire Fist and I just don’t like playing with them. Previously I’ve played with Decks such as [countdown] or Chain Burn and I enjoy playing decks that aren’t being played by everyone else.[/quote]

[b]How long have you been playing with the Deck?[/b]

[quote]I’ve used this deck for a couple of months, since the end of last format. I used a similar build in YCS Bochum but have changed a few cards since then. I added [radiance] and I really like it, it gives me total control over the Graveyards and stops opponent’s from using their cards that rely on it like Water decks.[/quote]
[b]So is Water your best matchup?[/b]

[quote]Yeah, any control-based deck really. Prophecy is a really good match too – I struggle against decks that commit to the field really early like HERO and Dino Rabbit.[/quote]
[b]What are your key plays and how do they help you?[/b]

[quote][safe zone] is the best card in the deck: you can attach it to something like [pachy] or [tkr] and I pretty much win the game from there. [guaiba] is really useful because it gives me access to [laggia] and [dolkka] which help completely lock the field down. Generally I just try to trade each one of my opponent’s cards for one of mine while keeping monsters on the field to lock down their options. It can be a grind but I usually keep poking for small amounts of damage until it’s my game![/quote]
Lansman has clearly put some real thought in to this build and it’s come through with the WCQ: Regional win yesterday! Thinking outside of the box to beat the popular decks and being innovative is always a sure-fire way to get noticed – so what can you come up with to break the mould?

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