Deck & Country Breakdown Day 2 of YCS Rimini 2017

27.08.2017 | 9:37 |

Numbers are dwindling after Day 1. The best 258 players came back to keep their chances of topping YCS Rimini alive. Check out our Deck & Country Breakdown for Day 2!


Deck Breakdown Day 2


At first let’s have a look at the Deck Breakdown. These are the Decks that managed that were able to maintain an x:3 record throughout YCS Rimini. As you can see, it is still Zoodiac in the lead, but True Draco increased in ratios. Dinosaurs turned out to be a lot less represented than expected and Chain Burn is still living the dream. 5 Duelists running Chain Burn are still in competition having a shot at Top 32.


Country Breakdown  Day 2


Country-wise ratios stayed more or less the same. Italy is still in the lead with 136 Duelists in Day 2. Trailing behind is Germany with 47 Duelists and France is third with 19 Duelists. Surprisingly, there are also 2 Duelists from the United States in Rimini that went by unnoticed.