Deck & Country Breakdown of the 2018 WCQ: European Championship

07.07.2018 | 16:52 |
Information is a crucial part for successful preparation. We are always striving to provide you with all the information and all the statistics of the World Championship Qualifier. Here are the numbers for Berlin by Deck and Country. Check it out!


Deck Breakdown Day 1


Sky Striker are having a huge impact on the current metagame! Either by being splashed as an enigne into Trickstar or Mekk-Knight strategies or by being played as a pure version. Overall Sky Striker cards are in 655 Decks out of 1.600. That's almost 40% of the whole field. Trickstar are still amounting to 490 Decks here in Berlin. The first Deck that is not running Sky Striker or Trickstars is Gouki with 160 Decks in competition. True Draco is still a force to be reckoned with and amounts to 104 Decks.


Country Breakdown Day 1


The most represented country is Germany amounting to almost one third of the field. Coming in in second place is the UK with 196 Duelists in competition. Italy is third almost equal to France with roughly 150 Duelists.