Deck & Country Breakdown of YCS Liverpool

29.10.2016 | 15:08 |
We do not only provide you with Deck Profiles, Duelist Profiles and Quick Question. A crucial part of our YCS coverage is the Metagame breakdowns by Deck and country. Here are the numbers for YCS Liverpool! Day 1 country small The most represented country is the United Kingdom accounting for more than 50% of the overall field. It's always great to see the enthusiasm UK players are bringing along for their hobby. In second place is Germany with more than 100 players and third is Italy. That's the big three countries. The large number of Irish Duelists is surprising as well as the 10 Chinese Duelists in attendance.


Day 1 Deck small ABC is the most popular Deck this weekend. Trailing by far are Blue Eyes, Majespecter and Metalfoes. We are already very curious to see how the metagame will evolve going into Day 2. Will the numbers stand oder will ABC lose steam?