Deck Feature: Alexander Hultzsch’s Mermail Kaiju

Alexander Hultzsch just won in round 4 and is now at a 4-0 score with his Mermail Kaiju Deck. Read on to find out everything you need to know about him and the Deck.

Alexander Hultzsch
In a field full of Pendulum, Monarch and Burning Abyss Decks, Alexander’s Mermail Kaiju Deck really stands out. He is one of only a few Duelists at the top tables who is not playing one of the expected Decks I presented earlier today. When I asked him why he chose to play this Deck, he told me that Mermail has always been his favourite Deck and since he doesn’t enjoy playing the other currently strong Decks, the choice was clear. After all, having fun is the real goal of playing [ygo]!
Since Mermail is his favourite Deck, Alexander has lots of experience with it and realized it’s very underrated in the current format. Especially the easily integrated Kaiju Monsters solve many problems the Deck would usually have to face.
Let’s take a look at his Deck list and discuss some of his choices:



[b]30 Monsters:[/b]

3 [undine]
3 [teus]
1 [controller]
2 [amark]
2 [adrag]
3 [ahi]
1 [diva]
3 [kj water]
3 [maxx]
1 [gunde]
2 [megalo]
1 [moulin]
3 [nepta]
2 [kj dark]

[b]10 Spells:[/b]

3 [kj slumber]
2 [surface]
1 [cetus]
3 [instant]
1 [141]

[b]0 Traps[/b]

[b]Extra Deck:[/b]

1 [norden]
1 [brd]
1 [brmd]
1 [herald of arc]
1 [leo]
1 [psy omega]
1 [tatsu]
1 [trishula]
2 [dweller]
1 [castel]
1 [coral]
1 [refmd]
1 [101]
1 [hisr]

[b]Side Deck:[/b]
3 [typhoon]
3 [scolding]
3 [twisters]
3 [chalice]
3 [veiler]


How does your deck work?

The Deck’s core strategy is to win in a single turn by getting several of my large Monsters into play, notably [megalo], [moulin] and either [trishula] or [psy omega]. There’s a lot of combo potential in the Deck and I can use various cards to achieve the same end result. The most important cards to get going are [diva] with [ahi] (with any other WATER Monster) as well as [nepta]. With these alone, I can end up with a field of [megalo] equipped with [cetus], [moulin] and [psy omega]. At this point, I’m taking 3 cards from my opponent’s hand. If I have [instant], I can even add a [dweller] to my field thanks to [norden].
end field
This is not only strong as a finishing turn, but actually also when going first. Many of my opponents let me go first in the second or third game when they know what I’m playing, thinking it’s bad for me, but I tweaked the Deck specifically to put pressure on my opponent even when I can’t attack.
turn 1

The Kaiju Monsters help tremendously against most Decks I’m likely to face. Against Burning Abyss, they help me against [beatrice] discarding [ba farfa], which can shut down my [nepta]. Against Kozmo Decks, they get rid of [k dark], [cydra inf] and [k lady]. I don’t really need them against Monarchs, so I’m usually swapping them for specific anti-Monarch cards in my Side Deck.

What makes your deck different from other Duelists’ similar decks?

I’m running 2 copies of [amark] because they’re super important for various combinations as well as getting to [psy omega]. While a level 4 Monster gets me to [trishula] in the end, that’s not always the best option, so having a way to get to a level 8 Synchro Monster instead is very valuable.
Another choice I’m not seeing often is [cetus] over [mizuchi], which can stop [s str], [sw] and a few other problematic effects. In the right situation, I can use it to get through a [k mojo] or other continuous Trap Cards.
[coral] is extremely strong and made Mermails good again. Since it’s a WATER Monster, all of my Monsters get their effect when I discard them for [coral], and since it’s a Tuner itself, I can use it with [ahi] to Special Summon [psy omega] after using [coral]’s effect and even draw another card in the process.
extra deck


How was the tournament for you this far?

Really great, I was able to win all 4 rounds thus far and I’m confident I can continue to win. In round 2, I played against this year’s Italian World Championship competitor Lorenzo Roma who reached the Top 8 there. I missed an opportunity to win in game 3, but thanks to [refmd], I was able to turn the game around and win after all.

Is there something you want to tell our readers?

I would like to send greetings to all my friends!
And to all Duelists: Don’t lose sight of the true essence of [ygo]: The fun of playing. Play fair and have fun doing it, it is a hobby after all. And here in Rimini, losing isn’t that bad, after all, there’s still the beach!

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