Deck Feature: Callum Bilbe’s Spellbooks

As the next Deck Feature for today we picked the best Spellbook Deck in competition so far. It’s Callum Bilbe from London.


Callum Bilbe
[b]9 Monster Cards:[/b]

3 [priestess]
3 [justice]
3 [sbmag]

[b]20 Spell Cards:[/b]

2 [tower]
3 [sb secrets]
3 [sb cres]
2 [sb master]
2 [sb wisdom]
2 [sb eternity]
1 [sb life]
1 [sb power]
1 [sb fate]
1 [pod]
1 [bom]

[b]11 Trap Cards:[/b]

3 [sim]
3 [mf]
3 [reckless]
2 [chain]
[b]Extra Deck:[/b]

1 [hl]
1 [tempest]
1 [arcanite]
1 [rda]
1 [ggg]
1 [dnix]
1 [downerd]
1 [hierophant]
1 [zenmaines]
1 [maestro]
1 [11]
1 [hopl]
1 [s elf]
1 [gt socute]
1 [sack]

[b] Hi Callum, why did you choose to play a Spellbook Deck today? [/b]
I’ve been playing the Deck for quite some time so far and I couldn’t find the time to get familiar with Shaddolls and Burning Abyss. So I chose the Deck I’m most comfortable with and it paid off. I’m really surprised that Satellarknights are doing well so far – didn’t expect that.

[b] What are your Tech Picks going into the Event? [/b]
I decided to main 3 [sim] and 3 [mf] in order to slow the other Decks down. [mf] buys you a lot of time. People are not expecting it and it punishes them when they are overextending. I would even call it the MVP of the Deck.

I also side into the [sb world] build against all types of rogue Decks and also against Burning Abyss when I’m going second. [/quote]
[b] Please explain the best opening hand? [/b]
To strongest hand to start with would be a [sb cres], [sbmag] and any 2 Traps, preferably [mf] or a [chain]. [/quote]

[b] Can you tell us about your Match-Ups? [/b]
Since I’m maindecking 3 [sim] my Match-Up against the strongest decks in competition has increased a lot. [sim] slows them down to an extent that I can build my own field and take control of the board.

[b]What were your expectations for this event? [/b]
My goal was to finish X:1 which I was until last round. Unfortunately I just lost in time against Shaddolls. I’m still pretty confident that I’m able to reach Top 32. It’s only 2 more rounds![/quote]

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