Deck Feature: Camiller Feller’s Satellarknight Deck

I met Camille right after Round 6. He was still undefeated heading into this round with a Satellarknight Deck. I was wondering what makes his deck stand out to the rest and why he decided to run it.


[b]10 Monsters:[/b]

2 [sat unu]
3 [sat alt]
3 [sat den]
1 [sat vega]
1 [sat rigel]

[b]15 Spells:[/b]

3 [mst]
3 [rota]
1 [soul charge]
1 [snatch]
1 [rai]
3 [upstart]
2 [pod]
1 [bom]

[b]15 Traps[/b]

3 [alpha]
3 [chain]
3 [coth]
3 [vane]
1 [bth]
1 [warning]
1 [ced]

[b]Extra Deck:[/b]

1 [cowboy]
1 [dweller]
2 [castel]
1 [eek]
1 [80]
1 [emeral]
1 [excalibur]
1 [stell delt]
2 [sat triv]
1 [103]
1 [dr xyz]
1 [101]
1 [sc diamond]

[b] Hi Camille, tell us why you brought Satellarknights to YCS Prague? [/b]
[quote] I decided to run Satellarknights because I like the way they work. I like the flow of the deck and it’s the Deck I felt most confident with. The release of [sc diamond] in [sece] is a strong addition to the deck.
[b] What are your expectations for this event?[/b]
[quote] It’s my first YCS and my goal is to reach Top 32. Right now I’m X:1 so it’s still possible. My first loss was in Round 6 against Qliphort. I was very unlucky, but I remain confident.
[b] Do have any Tech cards?[/b]
[quote] I’m maindecking one copy of [sat rigel] which is an out to an opposing [winda] and [nz uni]. With 1900 ATK it is also a strong beatstick and helps me handle [rai oh].
[b] Tell us about your Match-Ups?[/b]
[quote] Today I beat 2 Qliphort, 1 Nekroz, 1 Burning Abyss and a Shaddoll deck. I playtested a lot with a friend of mine so I feel very well prepared for all match-ups. Since I expected a lot of Qliphort I kept [mst] in my Main deck.
[b] Any last words?[/b]
[quote] Satellarknight is still a strong deck due to [sc diamond]. The Rank 4 toolbox is still versatile and competitive.

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