Deck Feature: Fabio Polito’s Kozmo Deck

Last but not least we asked Fabio Polito, a successful Italian Duelist, to explain his Kozmo deck. He finished with a 7:4 record which is quite impressive considering Kozmo is a brand new archetype. Here is his list and his thoughts on card choices.


[b]17 Monsters:[/b]

3 [myrmeleo]
3 [k farm]
3 [k slip]
2 [k good]
2 [k fore]
2 [honest]
1 [cd]
1 [ghost ogre]

[b]12 Spells:[/b]

3 [k town]
3 [teleport]
2 [instant fusion]
2 [hole]
1 [rai]
1 [shrink]

[b]11 Traps[/b]

2 [mind crush]
1 [vane]
1 [bth]
2 [mf]
1 [warning]
1 [tt]
2 [vth]
1 [tthn]

[b]Extra Deck:[/b]

1 [a dure]
1 [sat delt]
1 [con ple]
1 [sc diamond]
1 [tel ptol]
1 [castel]
1 [cowboy]
1 [eek]
1 [dweller]
1 [afd]
1 [scrap dragon]
1 [naturia beast]
1 [panzer]
1 [karbonala]
1 [cfd]


[b] Hi Fabio, tell us why you brought Kozmo to YCS Rimini? [/b]
[quote] I didn’t find time to playtest a lot before the event. I thought that playing a new deck would give me the edge over my opponents. I was hoping that they wouldn’t know the cards and how to play against it. I was right! 8 of my 11 opponents didn’t know what the deck does.
[b] What are your expectations for this event?[/b]
[quote] I finished 7:4 losing the last Round very unfortunate. I didn’t have lot of expectations going into this event. I didn’t test a lot, but usually I want to top every event I attend. [/quote]
[b] Do have any Tech cards?[/b]
[quote] I’m maindecking one copy of [shrink] to beat over [shd construct]. The card is really giving me hard time and shrink helps my [k farm] to beat over it. I also decided to main 2 [instant fusion] for Rank 4 and Rank 5 plays. My usual target is [con ptel] as a Rank 4 play just to go into [sc diamond] or [con ple] as soon as I know what my opponent is playing.

I also decided to add 3 copies of [myrmeleo] in order to have a good first turn play and search a trap card. [ghost ogre] is a Tuner and searchable via [teleport]. It grants me access to [afd] which combos well with [k town].
[b] Tell us about your Match-Ups?[/b]
[quote] I do have a particularly bad Match-Up vs. Shaddoll due to [shd construct]. It’s very difficult for me to beat over it. Infernoids as well as Burning Abyss are pretty good Match-Ups. [k fore] is such a strong card against Burning Abyss. They only have on out to it: [30].
[b] Any last words?[/b]
[quote] I think that Kozmo wasn’t the best choice for this event. I should have rather played Nekroz with Performages. But it was great fun to try something new and unexpected.

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