Deck Feature: Joe McGee’s Noble Knights

Joe McGee is from Liverpool and chose Noble Knights as his Deck to go with for this event!

Joe McGee[abstand]
[b]24 Monster Cards:[/b]
3 [medraut]
3 [borz]
2 [lotl]
2 [nk brothers]
2 [na queen]
1 [artorigus]
1 [nk dry]
1 [nk gwa]
1 [nk each]
1 [gawayn]
1 [nk laund]
2 [shd drag]
2 [shd beast]
1 [shd falco]
1 [bls]

[b]16 Spell Cards:[/b]
2 [shd fus]
3 [rota]
1 [foolish]
1 [soul charge]
1 [nk round table]
2 [na ex]
1 [na destiny]
1 [na cal]
1 [na gal]
1 [arfeudutyr]

[b]4 Trap Cards:[/b]
2 [vane]
2 [trap stun]
[b]Extra Deck:[/b]
2 [shd construct]
1 [shd winda]
1 [goyo]
2 [snk arto]
2 [ink laund]
2 [king art]
1 [dweller]
1 [bujin kagut]
1 [omega]
1 [101]
1 [eek]


[b] Hi Joe, why did you choose to play Noble Knights today?[/b]
I’ve been playing the Deck ever since Tachyon Galaxy was released. I like the archetype a lot and especially the TCG Exclusives. With the upcoming box set the Archetype will become even stronger. I’m really looking forward to the new cards, because they compensate for the Decks weaknesses. [/quote]
[b] What are the strongest Combos of the Deck?[/b]
[quote] I added Shaddols into the Deck, because they help to speed up my early game and allow me to play the almighty [bls]. One of the best combos to start with is [medraut] plus any Noble Arms card and a [shd fus]. You end up with a [snk arto] and a [shd winda] which is a nearly unpenetrateable field.

Joe showed me many more combos and really led me into Noble Knights strategy. He really seemed to know the Deck inside out. In fact it was too much to write it all down or even to remember, but it was great to hear such intricate Deck knowledge!
[b] Can you tell us about your Match-Ups?[/b]
[quote] I don’t have any particularly bad Match-Ups. The Deck has a slow early game, meaning I need my time to develop my board. Any Deck that can finish me quick off has a good chance of winning. Shaddolls is also a problem due to their free Fusion Summon. I have to think twice if I really want to go into a XYZ Summon. .

[b] What’s your record so far and do you have any further expectations?[/b]
I was heading with a 3:1 record into this round. I would like to make it to Day 2, but I’m rather working on the perfect Noble Knights build. I’m trying to make it work!

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