Deck Feature: Luke Greenslade’s Synchron Deck

For our first Deck Feature today we picked something special. Since the card was released lately everyone was curious about how the Deck is going to work. I guess you all know what I’m talking about: [quasar]!


Luke [abstand]
[b]24 Monster Cards:[/b]
3 [junk]
2 [qd]
1 [effect veiler]
2 [maxx]
1 [bulb]
1 [gorz]
1 [sorcerer]
1 [bls]
1 [debris]
1 [dandy]
2 [level eat]
2 [doppel]
1 [tuningware]
1 [hedge]
1 [unknown]
2 [explorer]
1 [turbo]

[b]16 Spell Cards:[/b]
3 [tuning]
2 [rota]
1 [foolish]
1 [141]
1 [soul charge]
3 [upstart]
3 [mst]
1 [po2]
1 [rai]

[b]0 Trap Cards:[/b]

[b]Extra Deck:[/b]
2 [fsynch]
1 [arm]
1 [samsara]
1 [junk w]
1 [hl]
1 [junk g]
1 [mist bird]
1 [brd]
1 [junk a]
1 [shooting]
1 [sdd]
1 [quasar]
1 [scrap d]
1 [road w]


[b] Hi Luke, why did you choose to play this Deck?[/b]
I’ve been playing Synchrons for years. I’ve been waiting for [quasar] to become legal for so long now and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the [i]Legendary Collection 5D’s[/i] to pull one. Now that it’s legal my Deck became even stronger. I love the engine and it is really great fun to play.[/quote]
[b] What are the strongest Combos of the Deck?[/b]
Of course the Deck is aimimg to bring out [quasar] as fast as possible. There are numerous ways to end with [quasar] on the field. I will show the best way and the easiest way. It is always a three card combo. You need [quickdraw], [level eater] and [explorer]. After summoning [junk w] and [road w] you can summon [turbo] with [road w]’s effect to the field. Since it is a Level 1 Tuner Monster all you have to do is Synchro Summon [fsynch] and you can bring out [quasar].

Another way is having [141], [bulb] and [debris]. That’s the combo where you are drawing a lot of cards with [hl], but it’s really hard to pull off since all the cards are limited.[/quote]

[b] Can you tell us about your Match-Ups?[/b]
The worst possible Match-Up is Evilswarm, luckily I didn’t have to face any today. Shaddoll’s are also pretty tough to beat. Any Deck that is playing little backrow is a good Match-Up.

[b] What’s your record so far and furhter expectations?[/b]
I started quite strong with a 2:1 record. Unfortunately I lost my last round. I just wanted to play the Deck, maybe I can make it to Day 2.

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