Deck Feature Manuel Körber – Thunder Family

[p]Fortunately, we continue to spot a creative Deck here and there. You’ve seen one in action in our Round 3 Feature Match when Manuel Körber and his Thunder Family Deck was pitted against Stuart Almeida’s Fire Fist Deck. We wanted to sit down with the victorious Duelist and see how he came up with his rather interesting choice.
Monsters: 17

3 [tsh]
3 [mahunder]
3 [pahunder]
2 [sishunder]
3 [rai oh]
2 [pho thrasher]
1 [helios]

Spells: 10
1 [bom]
1 [reborn]
1 [hole]
1 [storm]
2 [lance]
2 [mst]
2 [pod]

Traps: 13

3 [macro]
2 [fiendish]
2 [tt]
2 [prison]
2 [warning]
1 [sj]
1 [road]

Side Deck: 15

3 [veiler]
2 [snowman]
2 [tgu]
1 [sangan]
1 [trag]
1 [bls]
1 [mst]
3 [gozen]
1 [needle]

Extra Deck: 15

2 [16]
1 [91]
1 [zen]
1 [cowboy]
1 [papi]
1 [maestro]
1 [utopia]
1 [c39]
1 [17]
1 [zenmaines]
1 [temtempo]
1 [leviair]
1 [30]
1 [sdd][/quote]
[b]How did you end up playing this rather interesting Deck choice?[/b]
[/p][p][quote][b]Manuel:[/b] A friend of mine played a similiar Deck for quite a while. I then came across a Decklist from a Japanese tournament where a player relied on the archetype and did pretty well. I tried to adapt it to my own personal playstyle and that’s how the Deck came to be.
[p][b]So what’s the general idea behind the Deck?[/b]
[/p][p][quote][b]Manuel:[/b] My most important card is [macro]. I try to keep it on the field for as long as possible and that’s where [16] comes in.
Sometimes, my opponent can find a way to overcome my disruptive strategy, but I even got outs for these scenarios, e.g. [91].

Manuel Körber got rewarded for his rather unique Deck choice!
Manuel Körber got rewarded for his rather unique Deck choice!

[nbsp][p][b]What’s the main combo in your Deck?[/b]
[b]Manuel:[/b] Well, just like we’ve seen in the Feature Match, I use [tsh] to grab 2 copies of [sishunder] from my Deck. I then [ns] it to make sure [tsh] returns to my hand at the end of the turn. I can then repeat the combo in the following turns to search my Deck for all the Thunder monsters and they then allow me to unleash a number of Xyz Summons!
[p][b]What if this plan fails?[/b]
[b]Manuel:[/b] I also got 3 copies of [rai oh] to put pressure on my opponent. On top of that, I have alternative ways to accelerate into a Xyz Monster: [helios] as well as [pho thrasher][/p][/quote]
[p][b]Does your build also feature some crazy Side Deck strategy?[/b]
[b]Manuel:[/b] I can side in [sangan], 2 [tgu], [bls] and [trag] to change my main strategy and turn my Deck into a Chaos Deck. This works extremely well against Wind-Ups. Mermails have a lot of trouble dealing with [macro], so I usually don’t have to adapt my strategy too much.

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