Deck Feature Mirco Engel (Firefist)

[p]We’ve just seen Mirco Engel’s Deck live in action in our Round 2 Feature Match. PJ felt it was worth giving it a closer look, so let’s see what the pilot had to say about it!
[quote]Monster Cards
3 Vorse Raider
3 [rabbit]
3 [ff bear]
2 [ff gorilla]
2 [ff dragon]

Spell Cards:
3 [mst]
3 [ff tenki]
2 [lance]
1 [poa]
2 [ff tensu]
1 [hole]
1 [storm]
1 [reborn]

Trap Cards:

2 [ff tensen]
2 [tt]
2 [mf]
2 [warning]
2 [bth]
1 [sj]
1 [road]
1 [ced]

Side Deck:

2 [veiler]
3 [df]
2 [rivalry]
2 [mind crush]
2 [dust]
2 [ddv]
2 Wilder Tornado

Extra Deck:

1 [papi]
1 [roach]
1 [maestro]
1 [cowboy]
1 [dweller]
1 [16]
1 [utopia]
1 [disigma]
1 [ddw]
1 [pearl]
3 [ff tigerking]
1 [catastor]
1 [sdd]
[b]It seems you’re doing pretty well with the Fire Fist archetype so far. How did you come to the decision to run it this weekend?[/b]
[/p][p][quote][b]Mirco:[/b] I’ve tried pretty much all the other archetypes – Mermails, Wind-Up, Geargia, you name it. I always want to try something new and I felt like this Deck holds plenty of potential! I also watch the Japanese metagame and it seemed to do well over there, so I wanted to see if it could do the same in our region.
[p][b]What is your general thought about the Fire Fist archetype?[/b]
[/p][p][quote][b]Mirco:[/b] I think it’s pretty explosive and it can give your opponent plenty to do. I like the fact that it’s also rather versatile thanks to the new cards introduced in the latest Structure Deck, but I ultimately decided against running the Fire Kings as I felt this version is much more consistent.

Mirco Engel is feeling confident in his Deck choice!
Mirco Engel is feeling confident in his Deck choice!

[p][b]Can you explain the strategy of your Deck for the Duelists that aren’t familiar with the archtype yet?[/b]
[/p][quote][p][b]Mirco:[/b] You try to get your hands on [ff tenki] as soon as possible. [ff gorilla] then allows you to clear their back row and after that, you continuously apply pressure.[br]
There are very few ways to stop you as you can also deal with troublesome monsters thanks to [ff bear].[/p][/quote]
[p][b]What other tricks does your Deck pack?[/b]
[/p][quote][b]Mirco:[/b] Thanks to [ff tensu], you can summon additional monsters to the field to overwhelm your opponent. [ff tensen] can catch your opponent off guard and make sure one of your monsters comes out on top of a battle. The most important card for the archetype in my opinion is [ff tenki], though, since it acts as the [rota] for the Deck![br]
Since all those Continuous Spell Cards tend to stay on the field, you can get the most out of the effect of [ff tigerking] which is often game-ending![/p][/quote]
[p][b]Is there any special Side Deck tech that you want to highlight?[/b]
[/p][quote][p][b]Mirco:[/b] I play 2 copies of [ddv] in the Side Deck that can kill Mermail, Insector, Wind-Up and a few other contenders. It’s easy to activate them thanks to [b]Vorse Raider[/b] which reaches the crucial 2.000 ATK threshold with the help of any of the Continuous Fire Fist Spell Cards. Since it’s also searchable with [ff tenki], [ddv] is rarely a dead card!
After you activated the Trap Card, you can follow it up with [mind crush] to make sure they don’t hold on to any more troublesome cards!
Truth be told, that’s pretty much all there is to it. The Deck is just extremely consistent and very hard for your opponent to make out. Well, they do know what you’re trying to accomplish, they just have very few ways to stop you!
[p]Thanks Mirco for the short interview and good luck for the rest of the tournament!

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