Deck Feature: Moritz Heim with Metalfoes

I’m here with Moritz Heim from Germany. He ran Metalfoes for YCS Prague. With [baobaboon] being released just recently we wanted to know how he build the deck, what he changed compared to older deck lists and how he did in this event. Moritz finished with an 8:2:1 record which is quite impressive. Read on to find out what he has to say about his tournament experience.

Moritz Heim
[b]41 Monsters:[/b]

3 [mf volf]
3 [mf silv]
3 [mf gold]
3 [mf steel]
2 [mf bismu]
3 [ma bun]
1 [ma kir]
3 [af ecc]
3 [sr terror]
1 [sr take]
3 [baobaboon]
3 [lonefire]
2 [maxx]
3 [ret c]
3 [z rat]
1 [z whip]
1 [draconia]

[b]7 Spells:[/b]

2 [painful]
1 [s art]
1 [mf fus]
1 [fmf fus]
1 [raigeki]
1 [z barrage]

[b]6 Traps[/b]

2 [mf counter]
3 [d barrier]
1 [mf combi]

[b]Extra Deck:[/b]

1 [mf alk]
2 [mf mith]
1 [mf ori]
1 [mf ada]
2 [z drident]
1 [z broad]
1 [z boar]
1 [z tiger]
1 [emeral]
1 [ddw]
1 [xm]
1 [totem bird]
1 [pk break]

[b] Hi Moritz, tell us why you brought Metalfoes to YCS Prague? [/b]
[quote] To be honest I didn’t playtest a lot for this event. I asked a friend of mine for his list and made a few iterations. I added [baobaboon] and [lonefire] which are both really strong card choices for this deck. I finished with an 8:2:1 record and felt very confident with the deck. The Pendulum mechanic is still good as it has a very strong late game. In order to fit all the cards into my deck that I wanted to play I had to run 54 cards. It also made me less vulnerable to [green grass] decks. Overall I was very happy with my card choices.
[b] What were your expectations for this event?[/b]
[quote] I didn’t expect very much. I wanted to visit Prague and have fun with my friends. When playtesting it didn’t go that well and I was unsure whether to play this deck. Now I’m very happy with my result.
[b] Do have any Tech cards?[/b]
[quote] I maindeck three copies of [ret c] but got very unlucky with them. I drew into it when I didn’t need it and when I was digging for it I couldn’t find it. Then there is [baobaboon]. It turned out to be the best card in the deck. When I start with one of them and a Metalfoe card I can fix my hand and dig for cards. To put it short: it fixes hands and helps me proceed my game. Furthermore, it is a Level 3 monster so I can go into [xm] to start my own Zoodiac combos. A noteworthy card out of my Side Deck is [photon cer]. It’s basically a [denko] but it lets me activate my scales. I sided it a lot against Paleozoics but couldn’t find it.
[b] Tell us about your Match-Ups?[/b]
[quote] I played a lot of Zoodiacs during this event. When they run the Lunalight combo it all comes to down to the dice roll. I maindecked the [ret c] to stop these plays. You need a handtrap to stay in games like this. Lightsworn is one of my easier Match-Ups. Most matches against Paleozoic turned out to be grind games. I feel like the chances are 50:50.
[b] Any last words?[/b]
[quote] Shoutouts to Tayfun for giving me the decklist and my Team United Progamers.


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