Deck Feature: Peter Gomez’ Elemental Hero Deck

If you’ve followed the Feature Matches yesterday, you know that there are certain Duelists who don’t rely on X-Sabers, Infernity, Gladiator Beasts, Blackwings or Monarchs but bring their own vision to life. One of those players is Peter Gomez from Denmark who’s running Elemental Heroes and is on the best way to make it to the Tops!

Peter Gomez and his beloved Elemental Hero Sparkman
Peter Gomez and his beloved Elemental Hero Sparkman

Peter Gomez

Monsters: 17
3 [king of swamp]
2 [cd]
2 [debris]
2 [ocean]
2 [snowman]
1 [bladedge]
1 [prisma]
1 [sparkman]
1 [stratos]
1 [voltic]
1 [mj]

Spells: 15
3 [e – emergency call]
3 [miracle fusion]
2 [mst]
2 [poly]
1 [dark hole]
1 [fusion gate]
1 [future]
1 [trunade]
1 [reborn]

Traps: 10
2 [bth]
2 [ced]
2 [warning]
1 [mf]
1 [solemn]
1 [trap stun]
1 [tt]

Extra Deck: 15
3 [absolute zero]
2 [brd]
2 [e gaia]
1 [brionac]
1 [fortress]
1 [cyber twin]
1 [dragon knight draco-equiste]
1 [plasma vice]
1 [shining flare wingman]
1 [terra firma]
1 [stardust]

Side Deck: 15
3 [neos alius]
2 [honest]
1 [ddwl]
3 [gemini spark]
2 [bom]
2 [hero blast]
2 [skill drain]

Just by looking at Gomez’ decklist, one can see immediately, that Gomez plays a lot of Elemental Heroes. In order to retrieve the one Elemental Hero he is in heavy need of, he’s running [stratos] and three copies of [e – emergency call]. Also, he can send practically every Elemental Heroes (except for [stratos]) into his Graveyard with the help of [prisma] and [future] and return them to his hand using [ocean]. But he is not only able to selectively search for his most important monsters, but he can also add [poly] to his hand by discarding [king of swamp]. Also, [king of swamp] can be used as substitute for any 1 Fusion Material Monster which makes the benefit of the card quite large.

Speaking of [poly] and [king of swamp]: Gomez’ aim for sure is to Fusion Summon his most important Elemental Hero to gain control of the game and win it as fast as possible, [absolute zero]. Not only does [absolute zero] have a very good effect, being capable of destroying all monsters one’s opponent controls, it can also be Fusion Summoned very easily since you only need one Elemental Hero, Destiny Hero or Evil Hero and one additional WATER monster. You might ask yourself what WATER monsters Gomez could be playing and the answer is easy: [snowman]. Together with two copies of [ocean] which, as already stated, can be added to his hand and sent to the Graveyard using [stratos], [prisma] or [e – emergency call] and – not to forget – [king of swamp] (yet another possibility to use it), he will almost always have the required Fusion Material Monsters he needs to Fusion Summon [absolute zero].

Now for sure [poly] isn’t the only Spell Card Gomez is running to achieve Fusion Summons. He also plays three copies of [miracle fusion] and (only at this event) [fusion gate] which he wanted to test here. Usually, he states, he relies on [b]Super Polymerization[/b] but today he felt like he should try something new. Also, he says, with [fusion gate] it is lots easier for him to Fusion Summon multiple Fusion Monsters in the same turn. And to even make use of the monsters removed from play by [fusion gate], he goes for [voltic] which is, after having dealt damage to the opponent’s Life Points, a real threat, as it can Special Summon any sort of Elemental Hero; be it [stratos], [bladedge] or even [absolute zero] who was removed from play by [prison] or [bth]!

The most important part of his Deck, besides all his Elemental Hero cards, is his Extra Deck. It logically consists of three copies of [absolute zero] and a bunch of other Elemental Heroes: Firstly, there is [plasma vice], the monster resulting in a Fusion with [sparkman] and [bladedge]. Its role actually is to be presented to the opponent when activating [prisma]’s effect, casually, Gomez also profits by its pierce damage or its second effect. Secondly, he plays [shining flare wingman] which has a similar role like [plasma vice]. A more important Fusion Monster would be [terra firma]. With [terra firma], Gomez also is granted access to [ocean] and also – he wants to point out – [terra firma] is really nice to combine with [absolute zero]: As soon as he manages to Summon both Fusion Monsters, he can Tribute [absolute zero] in order to destroy all opposing monsters and then inflict 5000 battle damage to the opponent. Besides, there is Cyber Twin Dragon: “I play Cyber Twin Dragon… just because I can! Yesterday I had this match when my opponent had like 5000 HP left but no Monster Card or cover whilst I had [cd], so I just Normal Summoned [prisma], sent another [cd] into my Graveyard and you had to see his face!” And last but not least, Gomez also relies on three different Synchro Monsters: [brd], [brionac] and [stardust]. The Synchro Monster most often actually Summoned for sure is [brd], because he has a lot of Level 3 monsters and he plays [debris], however, he also included the other two Synchro Monsters just in case he uses [reborn] for some Level 2 or 4 Monster Card.

The last thing to is his Side Deck. He states that no matter whether he loses or wins game 1, he uses his whole Side Deck to run some kind of a LIGHT-Anti Deck based on [skill drain] and a lot of cards that can destroy hiw opponent’s cards. With three copies of [neos alius] a [ddwl], he has enough targets for [honest] and also he really likes to use [neos alius] in combination with [gemini spark] and/or [hero blast]. He remembers that yesterday, there was this Blackwing player who was so self-confident after he finished Side-Decking and then lost to [gemini spark] with [neos alius] followed by [hero blast].

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