Deck Feature Quentin Cedelle (Gadgets)

[p]I keep Deck Featuring the players we welcomed to our Feature Match table earlier. It’s not like we lack alternatives, it’s just that few of the other players that went for creative Deck choices approached us and asked for a Deck Analysis. So anyway, without further ado, let’s take a closer look at Quentin Cedelle’s Gadget build!
Monsters: 13

2 [red]
2 [yellow]
2 [green]
2 [ccd]
1 [recycler]
2 [tgu]
1 [sangan]
1 [rai oh]

Spells: 9

1 [hole]
1 [reborn]
1 [storm]
2 [mst]
2 [soul taker]
2 [duality]

Traps: 19

1 [sj]
2 [warning]
2 [road]
2 [bth]
2 [tt]
2 [mf]
2 [prison]
3 [fiendish]
2 [ced]
1 [offering]

Side Deck: 15

2 [breaker]
1 [mst]
1 [rai oh]
2 [maxx]
2 [rivalry]
2 [snowman]
1 [banisher]
1 [df]
3 [macro]

Extra Deck: 15

1 [zenmaines]
1 [leviair]
1 [temtempo]
1 [30]
1 [17]
1 [sdd]
1 [dweller]
1 [maestro]
1 [papi]
1 Fairy King Albverdich
1 [cowboy]
1 [16]
2 [ggx]
1 [utopia]
[p][b]We haven’t seen Gadgets in ages. Did you always rely on the archetype or did you rediscover the Deck just recently?[/b]
[/p][quote][p][b]Quentin:[/b] I really liked Gadgets when they first came out a long, long time ago. I played the Deck for quite a while, but eventually started to try out different Decks. I came back to it for this event, though, because I came across a Japanese Decklist that a French player relied on and he did extremely well two times in a row back in November. After that, I also took a closer look at the Deck to reevaluate it and after changing half of the cards in the Extra Deck as well as around 8 cards in the Main Deck, I felt confident with it.
[p][b]Is it a big advantage for you that people don’t have Gadgets on the radar any longer?[/b]
[/p][p][quote][p][b]Quentin:[/b] It’s a real advantage! It’s not so much because it’s Gadgets, it’s just that your opponent doesn’t have a lot of cards in their Side Deck that work well against you (well, apart from [rai oh]).[br]
They also don’t know when to attack or take a more conservative approach and they often attack into my Trap Cards like [prison] which gives me an additional edge!

The element of surprise is working in Quentin Cedelle's favor this weekend!
The element of surprise is working in Quentin Cedelle's favor this weekend!

[p][b]So how come the Gadget Deck seems to be competitive again? What changed recently?[/b]
[/p][p][quote][p][b]Quentin:[/b] [ggx]! It plays a very big role in my strategy as it allows you to recycle key cards like [ccd], [recycler] or, in rare cases, a Gadget. Since you can access both your Graveyard and Deck, your opponent will have few ways to hinder you from gaining card advantage this way![br]
It’s also good to force your opponent to use up his removal while you can continuously throw threats on the table thanks to the Gadgets together with the recycling capabilities of [ggx].[/p][/quote]
[p][b]Can you tell us some of your bigger plays this weekend?[/b]
[/p][quote][p][b]Quentin:[/b] Well, the Feature Match will definitely make an appearance in my Dueling portfolio. I’m glad I was able to show that I can perform well under a lot of pressure. It was a great example of what the Deck is aiming to do and I’m glad it all worked out in my favor.
[p][b]Do you have some unconventional Side Decking strategy?[/b]
[/p][quote][p][b]Quentin:[/b] I only decided to play [rivalry] in the very last moment this morning. I considered playing [storm] in my Side Deck, but in the end opted against it. I felt that [maxx] on its own isn’t enough to keep up with Wind-Ups while [rivalry] can really give them something to chew on.[br]
The Mermail match-up isn’t that great, but with 3 [macro], [banisher] and [df], I feel I’m well prepared after the first game concluded. I got lucky and dodged the match-up so far, so it’s probably a little too early to tell if my strategy will unfold in the way I want it to.[/p][/quote]
[p][b]Anything else you would like the readers to know?[/b]
[/p][quote][p][b]Quentin:[/b] I always try to play unconventional Decks as I enjoy annoying the Duelists that invested a lot of money into assembling their Decks. I think cheaper Decks are just as fine an option, you just need to know how to master them![/p][/quote]

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