Deck Feature: Six Samurai

We asked Jens Eckardt for a Deck Feature because he decided to bring Six Samurai to this event. In Round 2 we saw him defeat YCS winner Joshua Schmidt’s Burning Abyss in a spectacular manner on the {stream}! Unfortunately the last Rounds didn’t go so well for him; he is sitting on a 2:3 record right know still hoping to make Day 2. Still though, let’s take a look at his Deck!


Jens Eckardt[abstand]

[b]13 Monsters:[/b]

2 [musha]
2 [kageki]
2 [elder]
1 [spirit]
1 [gm]
1 [enishi]
1 [zanji]
3 [kizan]

[b]15 Spells:[/b]

3 [smoke]
3 [rota]
3 [united]
2 [dojo]
1 [rai]
1 [bom]
2 [ascet]

[b]8 Traps:[/b]

3 [vane]
2 [bts]
1 [ced]
1 [warning]
1 [double]
2 [trap stun]
2 [prison]

[b]Extra Deck:[/b]

1 [dweller]
1 [castel]
1 [30]
1 [103]
1 [brd]
1 [goyo]
1 [armades]
2 [naturia beast]
1 [shi en]
1 [dr xyz]
1 [eek]
1 [cowboy]
1 [mqangineer]
1 [xm]


[b] Hi Jens, can you explain why you choose Six Samurai today? [/b]
I’ve been playing this Deck for six years now and feel very comfortable with it. I pick it every now and then to find out how it performs in the current metagame. I was quite successful with it in the past and decided to run it today. [/quote]
[b] What are your Tech Picks going into this Event? [/b]
My tech is easily explained: it’s my Extra Deck! [shi en] and [naturia beast] can negate any threat that my opponent is able to throw at me. Both help to protect my [vane] which I play threefold. [enishi] is very good out to any Extra Deck monster depriving my opponent from all of their graveyard effects. My latest addition is a [spirit] because I need it to run over an opposing [dante]. At the Feature Match I was able to show off what the Deck can do, I managed to completely lock my opponent down.[/quote]

[b] Can you tell us about your Match-Ups? [/b]
[quote] Qliphorts is a favourable Match-Up for me, because I’m able to negate the Pendulum Monsters. Shaddoll is decent and Burning Abyss is my weakest Match-Up. They are playing too many chainable trap cards for me to handle, and wall up behind [dante].[/quote]

[b]What were your expectations for this event? [/b]
My goal was to make it to Day 2. I’m still feeling confident enough with the deck to make it. But mainly I’m here to have fun and enjoy time with my friends. It’s been great fun so far![/quote]

[b]Any final words? [/b]
I was really lucky to get here because a friend of mine offered me a place in his car on rather short notice. Since I had the time and money I decided to take the offer. I’m really thankful for this chance and enjoy the event a lot. I want to say Hi to my brother Enrico and thank the carpool for taking me here. An old saying of mine is: “it’s fun, fast and exciting”, that’s how the weekend is going for me so far! [/quote]

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