Deck Profile: Ben Lovell’s Shaddoll Star Seraph Deck

For our first Deck Feature of Day 2 of YCS Bochum we asked Ben Lovell of the UK for an interview, you may remember him from yesterday’s broadcast. He is playing a very interessting build of Shaddoll. Read on to find out his tech cards!


Ben Lovell[abstand]
[b]24 Monsters:[/b]

3 [veiler]
1 [bls]
2 [mathe]
2 [shd beast]
2 [shd hedg]
3 [shd squa]
2 [shd falco]
3 [shd drag]
3 [scepter]
3 [sovereignty]

[b]9 Spells:[/b]

3 [el shd fus]
2 [shd fus]
1 [bom]
1 [rai]
2 [dark hole]

[b]7 Traps:[/b]

2 [coth]
2 [ssg]
1 [shd core]
2 [mind crush]

[b]Extra Deck:[/b]

3 [shd construct]
2 [shd winda]
2 [shd shekh]
1 [star eater]
1 [sat delt]
1 [sc diamond]
1 [brd]
1 [castel]
1 [leo]
1 [ev oro]
1 [104]


[b] Hi Ben, can you explain why you chose this particular Shaddoll build today? [/b]
[quote] I love the Shaddoll engine due to its versatility and the options it has. The deck can handle nearly any situation your opponent may throw at you. I decided to add the Star Seraph engine, because of the missing draw power the deck had before. In the past I ran out of cards in late game leaving me without options, with the Star Seraph engine I get to see more cards make the deck more consistent.
[b] What are your Tech Picks going into the Event? [/b]
[quote] I run a full set of [effect veiler] because effect negation is just so important these days, the two copies of [dark hole] put in a lot of work for me this weekend. It’s good to break the Djinn lock and to get rid of annoying [sc diamond]. The card is really painful. It shuts down all of my effects. The MVP trap card is [mind crush]. If you’re playing the card right it puts you in a really good position.

I’m siding a lot of interessting cards. [ccv] proved to be very strong against Nekroz and especially against Satellarknights. I tend to side out the Star Seraph engine putting in some tech cards that held me win this particualar Match-Up.

[b] Can you tell us about your Match-Ups? [/b]
[quote] I was expecting a lot of Nekroz today. It’s also my hardest Match-Up so I prepared to beat it Game 1. It’s not only [nz trish], they also have [nz brio] and [nz uni] which can turn out really painful. Shaddolls are making a strong showing today, I was kind of expecting that. What I didn’t expect was that there are many Satellarknight Decks, I feel like they are everywhere. I’m siding heavily against the deck, so far it worked out. I won both Matches I’ve had against that Deck so far.

[b]Any final words? [/b]
[quote] It was a great event so far. I’m X:3 right now. I have to win all three Rounds today to keep my chances of topping alive. I want to say thank you to Michael and all my friends at locals. And a big thank you to Chris for helping me build my side deck. [/quote]

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