Deck Profile: Bruce Wentzel’s Darklord Deck

Bruce Wentzel is one of the Duelists that applied for a Deck Profile via our “call for decks”. Bruce is from Zoetermeer in the Netherlands and is running Darklords today. He’s holding a 2:1 records going into Round 4 of YCS Bochum. Read on to find out what Bruce has to say about his deck!

Bruce Wentzel

[b]18 Monsters:[/b]

3 [b]Darklord Ixchel[/b]
3 [b]Darklord Nasten[/b]
3 [superbia]
1 [b]Darklord Amdusc[/b]
1 [zerato]
3 [vanity]
2 [kj water]
2 [maxx]

[b]19 Spells:[/b]

3 [b]Banishment of the Darklords[/b]
3 [b]Darklord Contact[/b]
3 [trade in]
2 [twisters]
1 [upstart]
3 [allure]
3 [potdes]
1 [soul charge]

[b]3 Traps[/b]

1 [vane]
1 [b]Darklord Rebellion[/b]
1 [b]Darklord Enchantment[/b]

[b]Extra Deck:[/b]

1 [77]
1 [84]
1 [35]
1 [81]
1 [95]
1 [38]
1 [11]
1 [15]
1 [23]
1 [toadally]
1 [refmd]
1 [ddknight]
1 [alsei]
1 [ge fapd]
1 [gecd]


[b] Hi Bruce, tell us why you brought Darklords to YCS Bochum? [/b]
[quote] First of all, I feel like the deck is fun to play with a lot of draw cards and all of the boss monsters. The theme of the fallen angels really speaks to me. I also played the deck at the LLDS stage 2 in the Netherlands. I placed 22nd with it and I’m feeling very confident with it. Furthermore it’s a little bit off the radar as people are rather expecting Paleozoics and Metalfoes.
[b] What were your expectations for this event?[/b]
[quote] I’m mainly here for the fun. I think that with high expectations comes deep disappointment. So, I’m not really expecting too much. I rather hope for the best. I playtested a lot and think that the deck has a really good shot at making Day 2 or even Top 32.
[b] Do have any Tech cards?[/b]
[quote] I run [eev] in my Side Deck. The card disappeared from todays metagame, but it’s one of the strongest cards in the current format. Each Darklord monster is a potential target for the card except for one. I side it against Paleoziocs calling traps to take the whole hand. I also side it to protect my [vanity] and [kristya]. Now that we are talking I kind of feel sorry I didn’t maindeck it.
[b] What is the best opening hand?[/b]
[quote] I always want to see [b]Darklord Ixchel[/b] in my opening hand. That’s the draw card and it helps me build my set-up. I filter my deck for the cards I need simultaneously filling up my graveyard for my reborns. I usually dig for a floodgate like [vanity] or [vane] to secure my set-up. Since I have a lot of drawpower I tend to see them a lot.
[b] Any last words?[/b]
[quote] Thanks to my friends who came here with me. They are the main reason I play the game.

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