Deck Profile: Jan Hendricks’s Evols Running Rampant

[p]We just saw his Deck in action in our Round 3 Feature Match and decided it’s worth taking a closer look. So let’s check out Jan Hendricks’s Evolution Deck that can teach you a little history over the course of a few turns!
Monster: 19

3 [ev naj]
3 [ev wes]
1 [ev odo]
2 [ev casi]
3 [ev cer]
2 [ev eli]
2 [ev dip]
2 [ev vul]
1 [gorz]

Spells: 15

3 [evo]
3 [mst]
2 [econ]
2 [lance]
1 [hole]
1 [reborn]
1 [mind]
1 [storm]
1 [bom]

Traps: 7

2 [warning]
2 [fiendish]
1 [sj]
1 [tt]
1 [mf]

Side Deck:

2 [chain]
2 [veiler]
2 [cd]
2 [decree]
2 [snowman]
3 [sim]
2 [bth]

Extra Deck:

2 [laggia]
2 [dolkka]
1 [solda]
1 [exa beetle]
2 [utopia]
1 [c39]
1 [roach]
1 [zen]
1 [zenmaines]
1 [leviathan]
1 [ggg]
1 [cfd]

[b]Jan, tell us how you came up with the Deck idea?[/b]
[b]Jan:[/b] “I already had an eye on the archetype when they were first released in [phsw]. I realized it wasn’t quite there yet, but with the help from [orcs], the Deck seemed rather competitive!”
[b]So how does the typical game go?[/b]
[b]Jan:[/b] “Basically, it’s all about [ss]ing the Evolsaurs with the help of the Evoltile Monsters. [ev wes] and [ev naj] (most of the times together with [econ] or [evo]) allows you to do just that and that means that all of your Evoltile Monsters activate their effects. Either they let you destroy opposing cards or they gain additional benefits like extra ATK, which makes it hard for my opponent to fight back.”
[b]What are your match-ups against the popular Decks?[/b]
[b]Jan:[/b] “[solda] is a card that can beat Inzektors almost on its own. They have next to no ways to get rid of it and it can buy you enough time to make sure you can go all the way. I can also bring out [exa beetle] to use their [i hornet] against them, which costs them 2 cards while I’m still left with my Xyz Monster!”
“Dino Rabbit Decks are often a lot tougher as they also makes use of the Evolzars. If they can get them out before me, you can’t always pull off your combos, which means you’re unfortunately stopped dead in your tracks.”
“Tech Genus as well as any Deck running [drain] gives me quite a headache. This is usually where my Side Deck comes in!”

Jan Hendricks shows the hidden gems released in Order of Chaos!
Jan Hendricks shows the hidden gems released in Order of Chaos!

[b]Speaking of which, does it feature some fancy tech?[/b]
[b]Jan:[/b] “Well, I was paired against a [drain] Deck during round 1, but [decree] helped me to work around his key card. I focused on adding cards that would improve my chances against Dino Rabbit, Inzektors and Wind-Ups as I didn’t expect too many different Decks.
[b]What about your Extra Deck?[/b]
[b]Jan:[/b] “I like the addition of [c39] a lot as it’s a great way to get rid of an opposing [utopia]. Simply take control over it and then Tribute it to Xyz Summon [c39]!”
[b]Alright, thanks for the quick interview![/b]

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