Deck Profile: Lukas Calovini’s “BubbleBeat”

[p]Just looking around the tables right now before Round 1 (news just in, we have over 1,100 Duelists in attendance today!)we’re seeing lots of wild and wonderful ideas in addition to today’s main Decks. One of the more standout ideas I’ve come across is from German Duelist Lukas Calovini (you may remember him from YCS Paris last year), who has combined Elemental HEROes with new cards from [orcs] to make something pretty impressive, check it out.[/p]


It's HERO time!
It's HERO time!

[br][quote][b][u]Lukas Calovini (BubbleBeat)[/b]

Monsters: 7[/u]
1 [b]Elemental Hero Stratos[/b]
3 [b]Elemental Hero Neos Alius[/b]
2 [b]Elemental Hero Bubbleman[/b]
1 [b]Elemental Hero Ocean[/b]

[u]Spells: 20[/u]
3 [b]Pot of Duality[/b]
3 [b]Gemini Spark[/b]
3 [b]E – Emergency Call[/b]
2 [b]Mystical Space Typhoon[/b]
1 [b]Future Fusion[/b]
1 [b]Miracle Fusion[/b]
1 [b]The Warrior Returning Alive[/b]
1 [b]Reinforcement of the Army[/b]
1 [b]Heavy Storm[/b]
1 [b]Dark Hole[/b]
1 [b]Monster Reborn[/b]
1 [b]Book of Moon[/b]
1 [b]Super Polymerization[/b]

[u]Traps: 13[/u]
2 [b]Bottomless Trap Hole[/b]
3 [b]Compulsory Evacuation Device[/b]
2 [b]Solemn Warning[/b]
2 [b]Hero Blast[/b]
1 [b]Solemn Judgment[/b]
1 [b]Torrential Tribute[/b]
1 [b]Trap Dustshoot[/b]
1 [b]Starlight Road[/b]

[u]Extra Deck: 15[/u]
1 [b]Stardust Dragon[/b]
1 [b]Steelswarm Roach[/b]
2 [b]No.39 Utopia[/b]
2 [b]C39 Utopia Ray[/b]
2 [b]Blade Armor Ninja[/b]
1 [b]Elemental Hero Great Tornado[/b]
1 [b]Elemental Hero Gaia[/b]
2 [b]Elemental Hero Nova Master[/b]
2 [b]Elemental Hero Absolute Zero[/b]
1 [b]Dragon Knight Draco-Equiste[/b]

[p]The main aim of the Deck is to Summon [ban], the Rank 4 Xyz Monster which is capable of attacking twice per turn. The Deck runs very few monsters, which allows Calovini to Set his hand, Normal Summon [stratos] and add [bubble] from his Deck to his hand. Bubbleman’s effect then kicks in to Special Summon itself, and the 2 monsters are combined to Xyz Summon [ban]. If attacking into a clear field that’s 4400 points of damage on its own, and with 2 Ninjas on the field it’s an instant knockout![/p]

[p]As mentioned above, the monster count is very low. There’s only 7 in here and they’re all HERO cards. There’s Stratos and Bubbleman of course, but also 3 copies of [alius] which feed into the Deck’s backup plan; disruption. All the standard “HeroBeat” plays are still possible in this Deck, which plays [spark] and [hero blast] to cut off opposing combos and leave the opponent open for a double [ban] attack. Finally, [ocean] can recycle Calovini’s monsters to set up more plays. One nifty one is to Summon [ban], detach [stratos] for its effect and later get it back with ocean to Summon another Ninja.[/p]

That Stratos will dazzle his opponents with its sparkliness!
That Stratos will dazzle his opponents with its sparkliness!

[p]The Spells and Traps are a combination of disruptive cards (Traps like [ced] and [bth]) and combo makers ([ecall], [duality] etc.). [miracle] and [future] can help Summon [zero] and [tornado] and [super poly] can bring about some amazing plays (like getting rid of an opposing [sdd] to Summon [dragon knight draco-equiste]!). [b]The Warrior Returning Alive[/b] can re-use monsters in the same way as [ocean] while also sending [ban] back to the Extra Deck if all copies have been Summoned.[/p]

[p]One of the interesting things about new booster packs is how older Decks can be redesigned to make use of exciting new plays, and this Deck’s a good example of that. Hopefully it’ll work out for Lukas Calovini this weekend, we’ll have to wait and find out![/p]

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