Deck Profile: Maksim’s Burning Abyss Phantom Knight Deck

Maksim is piloting a possible sleeper deck for this event. He decided to bring Burning Abyss Phantom Knights to the table. Both archetypes seem to have great synergies since they are both relying heavily on the graveyard and [dante] is a great way to mill cards. Read on to find out what Maksim has to say about his deck!

phantom knight
[b]26 Monsters:[/b]

1 [tour]
2 [ba cir]
2 [ba farfa]
3 [ba scarm]
1 [ba graff]
2 [ba lib]
1 [ba alich]
3 [b]The Phantom Knights of Ancient Cloak[/b]
3 [b]The Phantom Knights of Silent Boots[/b]
2 [b]The Phantom Knights of Ragged Gloves[/b]
2 [effect veiler]
3 [sr terror]
1 [sr take]

[b]4 Spells:[/b]

3 [twisters]
1 [mc2]

[b]10 Traps[/b]

2 [hoh]
1 [bts]
1 [warning]
2 [fire lake]
1 [b]Phantom Knights’ Sword[/b]
3 [b]Phantom Knights’ Fog Blade[/b]

[b]Extra Deck:[/b]

3 [dante]
1 [b]The Phantom Knights of Break Sword[/b]
1 [angi]
1 [66]
1 [mh law]
1 [f0]
1 [47]
1 [evil night]
1 [leviair]
1 [temtempo]
1 [downerd]
1 [b]Super Quantal Mech Beast Grampulse[/b]

[b] Hi Maksim, tell us why you brought Burning Abyss Phantom Knights (BAPK) to YCS Prague? [/b]
[quote] I decided to run it because I was expecting a lot of PePe and Monarchs. This deck has the best Match-Up against those two decks and it’s very strong in general. It also feels very consistent and hardly “bricks”, unlike all the other decks that are being played right now. I have a flawless record so far. Burning Abyss and Phantom Knights have a strong synergy since both rely on the graveyard and have recurring effects.
[b] What are your expectations for this event?[/b]
[quote] I was expecting a lot of Monarchs and PePe, so I’m not really surprised that I’m doing so well in this event. My expectations are tops.
[b] Do have any Tech cards?[/b]
[quote] I’m maindecking [effect veiler] to improve my Match-Ups against Monarchs and [mc2] to go into [mh law]. It makes my match up better vs. Kozmo, a lot easier. The Speedroid engine makes it easier to go into [dante] and pull off my strategy.
[b] Tell us about your Match-Ups?[/b]
[quote] I had to play PePe, 1 Deskbot and 1 Lightsworn deck and won every Game 2:0. One of the main strengths of the deck is that it has a strong early as well as a strong late game. You hardly ever run out of resources.
[b] Any last words?[/b]
[quote] I want to give shoutouts to all my friends and all the people that know me at home.

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