Deck Profile: Matthew Mills’ HERO Deck

As the hightlight for today we picked Matthew Mills form the UK to show us his deck. He went undefeated during Swiss finishing with a prefect 10:0 with… HEROes. I guess hardly anybody saw that coming! Here’s his decklist.


[b]10 Monsters:[/b]

2 [bubbleman]
3 [eh shadow]
2 [gob]
2 [monk]
1 [alius]

[b]19 Spells:[/b]

3 [hero lives]
3 [rota]
3 [m change]
2 [lance]
2 [mst]
1 [rai]
1 [bom]
3 [upstart]
1 [m charge]

[b]11 Traps[/b]

1 [vane]
2 [chain]
1 [mf]
3 [coth]
1 [ced]
1 [bth]
1 [oasis]
1 [warning]

[b]Extra Deck:[/b]

1 [emeral]
1 [dweller]
1 [castel]
1 [eek]
1 [103]
1 [101]
1 [gagaga samurai]
1 [ban]
1 [roach]
1 [mh koga]
1 [acid]
1 [mh anki]
3 [mh law]

[b] Hi Matthew, tell us why you brought Heros to Dublin? [/b]
[quote] I played the deck for a long time and absolutely love it. In my opinion it’s one of the best decks at the moment and especially for this event. I went 10:0 in Swiss and lost my Top 32 Match versus Nekroz. I feel like it plays a little bit like Geargia and can be very fast as well.
[b] What are your expectations for this event?[/b]
[quote] I thought I might top, but going X:0 in Swiss was amazing. I didn’t see that coming. The deck has good match up against a lot of decks.
[b] Do have any Tech cards?[/b]
[quote] I play three copies of [coth] and added [oasis] to basically play seven copies of [hero lives]. The big advantage of [oasis] is that if you mask change the target [oasis] leaves the field and does not take up precious back row space.
[b] Tell us about your Match-Ups?[/b]
[quote]I played 5 Nekroz, 2 Burning Abyss, 1 Qliphort ,1 Ritual Beast and 1 Shaddoll during Swiss. I feel like the deck doesn’t have any particularly good or bad match ups. Nearly any Match-Up is in my favour. The match I lost right now was due to [vane]. My opponent managed to stall until he could replenish his hand and win from there on.
[b] Any last words?[/b]
[quote] Shoutouts to my friends and I love HEROes! [/quote]

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