Deck Profile: Mauricio Devia-Valenzuiela’s WATER Deck

15.01.2017 | 11:37 |
The competition has been whittled down to the Top 8, but everyone who made the Top Cut was in a league of their own. Among them was Mauricio Devia-Valenzuiela, an 18 year old Duelist from Canberra who made it to the Top 16 with his WATER Deck. After losing in the Top 16, we spoke to him about his Deck choice, and also have his Decklist to show off to the world!


29 Monsters - 3 Mermail Abyssteus 3 Mermail Abyssmegalo 2 Mermail Abysspike 2 Mermail Abyssgunde 1 Mermail Abyssmander 1 Mermail Abysshilde 1 Mermail Abyssocea 3 Neptabyss, the Atlantean Prince 2 Atlantean Heavy Infantry 2 Atlantean Dragoons 3 Swap Frog 1 Ronintoadin 3 Aqua Spirit 1 Deep Sea Diva 1 Moulinglacia the Elemental Lord   10 Spells - 3 Pot of Desires 3 Instant Fusion 1 Upstart Goblin 1 Moray of Greed 1 Soul Charge 1 One for One   1 Trap - 1 Abyss-Sphere   Extra Deck - 1 Mermail Abyssgaios 1 Number 101: Silent Honor Ark 1 Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer 1 Number S39: Utopia the Lightning 1 Number 39: Utopia 1 Abyss Dweller 2 Bahamut Shark 3 Toadally Awesome 1 Leo, the Keeper of the Sacred Tree 1 Crystron Quandax 1 Tatsunoko 1 Elder Entity Norden   Side Deck - 2 Maxx "C" 3 Forbidden Chalice 2 System Down 2 Twin Twisters 3 Anti-Spell Fragrance 3 Royal Decree
Top 16 MauricioTell us about your WATER Deck. What made you decide to play it?
Mauricio: "I played the WATER Deck, as I'd heard it’d been doing well recently. It's my favourite Deck ever and I used to play it in the past, so I loved playing it again at this event!"


What were your expectations for this event?
Mauricio: "I expected to see a lot of Metalfoes, which I got, and a lot of ABC Decks, of which I only saw one. I didn’t want to face Paleozoics as it was my worst matchup."


Did you have any Tech cards?
Mauricio: "I used Forbidden Chalice in the Side. I used it to negate Toadally Awesome and Abyss Dweller all day. I had a pretty standard Main Deck though."


What's your ideal opening hand?
Mauricio: "The best hand gives me a board of double Bahamut Shark, double Toadally Awesome and Moulinglacia the Elemental Lord. Deep Sea Diva and Mermail Abyssmegalo lets you search and Summon Moulinglacia the Elemental Lord, and with more WATER monsters you can easily Summon a Toadally Awesome as well!"

What was the #1 card in your Deck?
Mauricio: "Atlantean Dragoons. The number of times you can search with it is ridiculous. It enables the whole Deck to work."


Anything else you'd like to add?
Mauricio: "Shoutout to Darcy, he made Top 32  and he also got me into the game. I’ve surpassed him now, which is great too! (laughs)"


Congratulations on reaching Top 16 Mauricio!