Deck Profile: Nicolas Petz’ Watt Lockdown

[p]You might remember Nicolas Petz from his Round 1 Feature Match. He’s piloting his very own Watt deck through a field full of Plant Synchros, Dark World decks and Agents!
[i]Check out the decklist![/i]

Monsters: 16

3 [hopper]
2 [cobra]
2 [giraffe]
3 [dragonfly]
3 [veiler]
3 [shining angel]

Spells: 13

2 [shard]
3 [duality]
2 [mop]
2 [mbaas]
1 [bom]
1 [reborn]
1 [141]
1 [recycling]

12 Traps:

3 [bribe]
1 [sj]
3 [fiendish]
2 [organism]
2 [road]
1 [mf]

Side Deck: 15

3 [mst]
3 [gozen]
2 [rivalry]
2 [horn]
1 [moaths]
2 [prison]
2 [pachy]

Extra Deck: 2

2 [sdd]

[b]How did you come up with the idea of playing Watt?[/b]
[b]Nicolas:[/b] I just thought it’s a fun idea to try and lock down your opponents. The only cards that can break this strategy are [hole], [trishula] (as it doesn’t target), [brd] and [tt]. Some players also main deck [sd], but other than that, there are not many answers to double [hopper]. Therefore, it’s doing quite well against most of the popular decks.
[b]So basically, your key strategy is enabling the lock as soon as possible?[/b]
[b]Nicolas:[/b] Yes, absolutely.
[b]So how does the game normally proceed?[/b]
Basically, I try to set up the lock as early as possible and I then try to use the cards in my back row to protect my field. This is where [organism], [sj] and [bribe] come in.
[b]You’re not running [warning], do you?[/b]
No; the only monsters my opponent can summon are the Synchros. It’s easier to use [organism] instead of constantly ditching [veiler] to buy time and I don’t always have the Life Points for [warning] as I’m also taking quite some battle damage when I’m on my way to establishing the lock.

It's hard to believe Watt Nicolas Petz was playing!
It's hard to believe Watt Nicolas Petz was playing!

[b]Did you ever consider adding a second win condition to your deck?[/b]
[b]Nicolas:[/b] I think it would harm the consistency of the deck and the lock is apparently [i]that[/i] strong. Friends suggested adding [countdown], but if you do that, you can’t run as many protective cards as I’m doing now and this would backfire most of the times.
[b]What’s your worst match?[/b]
[b]Nicolas:[/b] Unfortunately, that’s Plants. However, most opponents don’t know about the exact workings of my deck and they often commit mistakes that cost them the game.
If my opponents know what my deck’s trying to accomplish, they can make sure I can’t apply the lock and I then lose the games.
[b]Do you have a side decking strategy?[/b]
Not really; I just take a close look at my opponent’s deck and I then add cards like [rivalry] or [gozen] to further lock down my opponent. What’s more interesting is my opponent’s side deck strategy most of the times; they really have no clue what they need to bring in to shut down my strategy!
[b]Alright, that sounds rather promising. Good luck for the rest of the tournament![/b]

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