Deck Profile: Nino Zimmermann’s Mecha Phantom Beasts

For our next Deck Feature we chose an underdog: Nino Zimmermann’s Mecha Deck. He’s holding an X:2 record and is on the bubble right now. He seemed pretty excited and a little bit surprised by his success. Here’s what he had to say about his deck.
15 Zimmerman Interview

[b]15 Monsters:[/b]

3 [mpb lion]
3 [mpb mega]
3 [mpb tether]
1 [mpb black]
1 [rai oh]
3 [tengu]
1 [mathe]

[b]6 Spells:[/b]

2 [goatz]
1 [bom]
1 [foolish]
1 [rai]
1 [dark hole]

[b]19 Traps[/b]

3 [mistake]
2 [cth]
2 [cedevice]
2 [aerial]
3 [chain]
1 [ring]
2 [miyabi]
1 [warning]
2 [mf]
1 [vane]

[b]Extra Deck:[/b]

1 [goyo]
2 [armades]
1 [chidori]
1 [mpb jacu]
1 [scrap dragon]
1 [leo]
1 [wurm]
1 [crimson blader]
1 [castel]
1 [eek]
1 [cowboy]
1 [sack]
1 [11]
1 [gustav max]

[b] Hi Nino, tell us about your unusual Deck? [/b]
[quote] I’ve been playing and working on this deck ever since the first cards to the archetype were released. That was around 1.5 years ago. I played a few smaller events with it and felt comfortable enough to take it to a YCS. I teched the deck to beat Nekroz. I faced 6 today, loosing to two of them; once my opponent had [decree] and I couldn’t get rid of it, once I was unlucky to lose in time. The deck is great fun to play and I’m proud that my ideas and my innovation paid off at last. I can go into nearly any Synchro or XYZ monster so I felt like the deck was versatile and consistent enough to guide me through an 11 Round tournament.
[b] What are your expectations for this event?[/b]
[quote] I expected a lot of Nekroz that’s why I built my deck the way it is right now. I expected to do well, but I was surprised that I was doing that good this weekend. Now I want to reach the Top Cut of course. Finally players may recognize the strength of Mecha Phantom Beasts!
[b] Do have any Tech cards?[/b]
[quote] I would say my whole trap line up is tech. I maindeck 2 copies of [cth], because it stops Shaddolls as well as Nekroz. It’s also an out to [denko] which is killing me otherwise. My deck is geared towards generation tokens. The Tokens make my monsters indestructible. And I can use the Tokens to generate further card advantage using [miyabi] and [cedevice]. The latter doesn’t target which some of my opponents tend to forget. It helps me a lot.
[b] Tell us about your Match-Ups?[/b]
[quote] Nekroz is a pretty good Match-Up for me. My deck is heavily teched to beat the deck. Shaddoll is 50:50 even though I didn’t play a single one today. Satellarknights and Burning Abyss are easy after using my Side Board. I crush them.
[b] Any final words?[/b]
[quote] I’m glad I chose the deck, my opponents tend to underestimate it. Most don’t even know what my cards do. They are not prepared for the Match-Up and tend to misplay. Last but not least I want to say “Hi” to my locals and my friends at home. Wish me luck for the last Round.

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