Analysing the top Decks from “Nationals Season”

For this event we will lay a strong focus on statistics and metagame breakdowns. To start with here’s the statistics on deck reported in the top cut of all National Championships in Europa. Take a look at the graph it might contain some surprises.

Top Cut Decks[abstand]

The most represented deck in the Top Cut of the National Championships was Kozmo! It took 57 of the 240 spots, which amounts to approximately 24%.

For this analysis we split Monarchs into Extra Deck and Domain Monarch. In total Monarchs would have been the most represented deck with 80 spots with Extra Deck Monarch taking 45 and Domain Monarch taking 35. Even though the core of the deck is similar, the decks play very different.

Surprisingly enough the most popular deck in den United States Phantom Knight Burning Abyss only took 34 spots. Obviously the metagame between the United States and Europe is very different. Taking these numbers into account I guess it’s safe to say that one of these three decks will win the WCQ: European Championship 2016.

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