Decks to expect

Finally, the long wait is over! The first YCS of 2016 is about to start. For the second time in a row Prague kicks off the YCS season. A lot has changed since the last YCS on European soil. A few new booster sets introduced new cards and strategies to the game and a regular Forbidden & Limited List limited existing strategies to make to room for innovation. For the first time ever an Adjusted List was released in February.
Here are the decks to expect:


Since the regular Performapal Pendulum build is not playable anymore due to the Adjusted List, people needed to innovate. The deck has changed from a very aggressive build playing hardly any trap cards to a very control based deck with [b]Guiding Ariadne[/b] and [b]Solemn Strike[/b] alongside other counter traps. It’s not as consistent anymore as it used to be since the deck lost a whopping 9 tutor cards, but it’s still strong contender in today’s metagame. I’m curious to find out which build proves to be successful this weekend.


Monarchs are a very old archetype. As far as I can remember the first Monarch was [zaborg], which was released in [ast] more than 10 years ago. While [zaborg] was a really strong card back in the days, Monarchs were considered to slow nowdays. You needed to use a single normal summon to trigger their effects. Until the release of the new Structure Deck: adding draw and search cards to the strategy making it a very fast and explosive deck. The downside of the deck is you are not allowed to have cards in your Extra Deck. One of the decks biggest advantages is that it’s rather cheap to build considering it’s a top tier deck. The whole strategy resolves around swarming the field with Monarchs and making them untargetable and indestructible due to the support cards.


Kozmo is still a strong contender. The deck is consistent and can maindeck a lot of different floodgates to stop opposing strategies. Kozmo is the only deck that was already viable at YCS Rimini but has changed a lot since then. [k dark] added the long awaited monster removal and now [bosh] added [k tincan] to fill up the graveyard. [coth] is a decent choice that combos very well with [k tincan]. We’ll find out tomorrow how the deck runs.

We will keep an eye on any rogue decks as well. Did players manage to figure out new strategies that are able to beat the proven oney? We’ll see during the course of YCS Prague. I can’t wait for the event to get started. Stay tuned!

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