Decks to expect

18.03.2017 | 12:45 |

2017 is only a few weeks old and we already had 2 YCS in the United States. YCS Prague is the first event in Europe and we can expect to see an almost identical metagame to those in the States. Zoodiacs are going to be all over the place just as they were in YCS Seattle and YCS Atlanta.

YCS Bochum was only three months ago, but metagame-wise it feels like it was ages ago. Zoodiacs had such a huge impact on the metagame, all the proven strategies had to adapt and most went with the flow and adopted the strategy itself. The core engine is small enough to fit into almost any deck. We saw pure Zoodiac builds, Metalfoes with Zoodiacs splashed and even 60 card decks with the Zoodiac engine.
Metalfoes are still in competition. The deck added the Zoodiac engine to gain in the early game. The big strength of the deck is the late game as a Pendulum-based deck hardly ever runs out of resources. Another big advantage is that the deck is not as vulnerable to [d barrier] as the pure Zoodiac builds are.
Infernoids are a rather old archetype that was reanimated with the release of [rate]. The deck also runs the Zoodiac engine but the key card is: [green grass]. Depending on the Match-Up the card lets you dump up to 20 cards into your graveyard. As Infernoid monster can be special summoned from the graveyard, it is basically the same as having them in hand. Milling a few Infernoid monsters is almost identical to winning the game. In order to make full use of the card these decks run the maximum number of Main Deck cards: 60. These huge decks look rather odd when shuffling and I still have to get used to it.
Paleozoic took a surprise victory at YCS Atlanta beating a pure Zoodiac build in the finals. It also might be one of the sleeper picks for this event. The deck abuses a very old – and still one of my most favourite cards of all time – [swap frog]. Using the frog engine to dig for cards and overlay into one of the best XYZ monsters at the moment: [toadally]. Once the engine gets running it’S really hard to beat, but it takes a few turns to set up and [d barrier], which is currently mained in multiples gives the deck quite a hard time.
Glass Bell[abstand]
Invoked Windwitch: the deck is a combination of [rate] and [fuen] combining two archetypes and generating strong synergies among the cards. One of the decks even went undefeated in Swiss at YCS Atlanta. A single [ww icebell] results in either [cwsd] or [crystal wing] and a [invoked raidjin]. That’s a field that is pretty hard to beat. If it’s backed up by a [a sanc] than it’s pretty much game. There are only a few outs to this field and the opponent has to draw into them.

As you can see there are a lot of competitive decks in the current metagame with almost equal chances of winning. The format is still heavily dependent on winning the die roll. Therefore Duelists chose to run a large amount of hand traps this format. [maxx] is almost staple and [ghost ogre] found its supporters as well. As off lately even [crow] was revived and is added to all kinds of decks. These are basically the only two cards that can interrupt the opponent and stop him from building a huge field turn 1.

You see there is a lot more to this format that just Zoodiac. All these different decks help us at the coverage team to show you cool decks and great duels. Stay tuned for all the action at YCS Prague, either here at written coverage or on our live stream on Twitch.