Decks to expect

26.08.2017 | 14:00 |

Here we go again! After finishing the 2016/17 season with World Championships taking place in Japan only a few weeks ago, we are starting the new season with a lot of exciting changes. A new playing field was introduced to the game, as well as a new game machanic: The Link Monsters! How will these changes affect the current metagame? Here is my educated guess:

Banner small[abstand]
Let’s have a look at the latest events: the past WCQs were dominated by two different decks: Zoodiac and True Kings, where Zoo won in Europe and True King in the United States. Here and there we saw a few Wind Witch Invoked and Pendulum decks pop up, but overall these two archetypes were the decks to beat.

Worlds are always a different story: there is a unique Forbidden & Limited List taking into account all the cards in the TCG as well in the OCG and fusing them into a unique format. The challenge for Duelists taking part in the World Championship is to develop a deck for this special format. Whoever does a better job in analysing the format will have the edge over his opponents.

Now we are in a very similar situation: new rulings and new mechanics put Duelists in front of a blank field. They can’t rely on proven strategies and don’t know what will work. I always enjoyed these times a lot, because they provided room for innovation.
Zoodiac Chakanine
Zoodiac is still the deck to beat. Even though some people thought that the new rulings might slow the deck down, it didn’t happen. The deck can play around the new rulings thanks to [z chaka] special summoning Zoodiac monsters from the graveyard. Other than that, Zoo is still the most consistent deck. You only need one card to start the combo and build a field. Nearly every hand is playable.
Master Peace[abstand]
I expected True King to improve and get even better. Duelists here in Rimini do not agree. Everyone agrees on it being the second best deck at the moment. The deck itself rides [master p] to victory. The card is still very hard to handle for a lot of decks due to its protection effect.
Aleister the Invoker[abstand]
Invoked Wind Witch is still here as well. The deck never won a big event, but is still considered sleeper pick among Duelists. The deck also needs only 2 cards to go off: either [ww icebell] or [aleister] in order to establish a nice field. Unforutanely the deck suffers a lot more from the new rulings than Zoo.
Just Deserts[abstand]
Chain Burn stepped on the competitive scene after its success at the World Championship. One of the key advantages of the deck is that it doesn’t care about Match-Ups. It’s more or less an hit and miss strategy: either you draw enough cards to inflict the correct amout of damage or not. It hardly matters what the opponent is doing. That’s a strategy you have to like.
Link strategies: some Duelists will have the courage to try out the new cards and see how it goes. The big advantage of those early adopters is that some opponents will not be prepared and won’t know the combos and key cards of the deck. Duelists will ride this advantage to the maximum and hope that it is enough to take home victory. The deck itself focusses on flodding the field with Link monsters hoping to overwhelm the opponent with the board presence. Some even protect each other making the board hard to break. We are already very curious to find out how this new deck will compete.

The format is heavily dominated by two decks: Zoo and True Draco and Hybrids of these two engines. The more a format focusses on a single deck, the easier it gets to build an anti-meta deck. Some Duelists here in Rimini think that Chain Burn is the answer to the format, some think it’s Invoked. We’ll see who is correct and which deck will prevail.