Decks to expect at YCS Bochum

Here we go again: a new season, a new format and another great weekend of dueling lies ahead of us. This time the YCS circuit is making its stop in Germany.

For the third time we are having YCS Bochum and it has always been one of the biggest events of the year. The biggest change regarding the format is the new Forbidden & Limited List that came into effect on April 1st. We’re all looking forward to see what impact this list will have on the metagame. Here are the decks to expect this weekend.

Nekroz of Brionac[abstand]
Looking back at past events (prior to April 1st) Nekroz proved to be the most consistent and therefore the strongest deck so far. Still, even after April 1st, the limitation of [rites] and the semi-limitation of [nz brio] the deck is still considered one of the strongest out there. Qliphort, being the worst enemy of Nekroz, was hit really hard. The deck lost two [saq], [q scout] and all those so-called, “floodgate cards” like [vane] and [skill drain] were limited to one. The deck’s whole strategy revolved around these cards: putting high ATK threats on the field and overpowering the opponent. Until now players couldn’t find a way to replace those crucial cards and I’m curious curious to see if they came up with new ideas for Bochum. [abstand]

Burning Abyss pulled off a surprising victory at YCS Prague, battling its way through a field packed with Nekroz. The limitation of [tour guide] to one copy per deck makes things trickier now, this card seems very hard to replace. During preparation for YCS Bochum I saw players trying out cards like [cranecrane], but it wasn’t as effective. I think the deck needs to reinvent itself in order to stay competitive. Maybe we will see an innovative build here at YCS Bochum setting a new trend?[abstand]
Star Seraph Sovereignty[abstand]

Satellarknights made a strong showing at YCS Chicago. The deck didn’t fall prey to the Forbidden & Limited List and is highly adaptable to the current metagame. There are so many different ways to play the deck, since the main engine is rather small and the deck can be stuffed with tech cards for any situation. Here in Bochum I already saw some pure Satellarknight builds as well as builds splashing the Star Seraph engine. There are a lot of synergies between these two archetypes and I’m sure a lot of players will try to make this work. We will have to see what players came up with and what proves to be successful this weekend. [abstand]
El Shaddoll Shekheinaga[abstand]

Lately I saw a lot of players experimenting with different Shaddoll builds, including cards out of [pgl2] and [wsup]. The deck is still very explosive and can dish out a lot of damage in one turn, but to me it seems too much dependent on the opponent’s deck choice. [shd fus] needs to see an Extra Deck monster on the opponent’s side of the field in order to live up to its full potential. Some already cut it to one, only to find the deck becoming considerably slower as a retuls. Hopefully YCS Bochum will answer some of the questions at hand.

A new format is always exciting and a chance to innovate. Decisions on what to play are usually based on the player’s expectations. This time they will have to keep up with the consistency and explosiveness of Nekroz. That’s the deck to beat right now, giving players a chance to tech heavily against this match-up or even try to build an anti-meta deck like Yosenju. Be assured that we will keep an eye on any rogue deck that is doing well at this event, either here at written coverage or on our live stream on Twitch. Stay tuned for all the action at YCS Bochum!

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