Decks to expect at YCS Bochum 2018

24.02.2018 | 12:39 |
YCS Atlanta took place only a week ago and usually the first big event of a new format indicates how the metagame is going to evolve. The latest Forbidden & Limited List made short work of SPYRAL and paved the way for new Decks to come. In Atlanta Pendulum was the Deck to beat. But will we see something similar or did Duelists find a way to get by? Lyrilusc


Pendulum Magicians are the current Deck to beat. Even though Evenly Matched is a card the Deck made up 50% of the Top 32 in Atlanta. Some Duelists came up with a FTK (first turn kill) version of the Deck rely heavily on Lyrilusc - Independent Nightingale. The Deck abuses Astrograph Sorcerer a lot. The card itself opens up a lot of potential plays.




True Dracos are back on the map as well. The Deck left its footprint in Atlanta but failed to impress with only 4 contenders in Top 32. The strength of the Deck is the power of Master Peace, the True Dracoslaying King, riding the card to victory. Some Duelists added the Invoked Engine to the Deck to make it more versatile. How will the Deck perform in Bochum? Stay tuned to find out.


Master Peace


Trickstars didn’t get touched at all. The Deck has always been a viable contender in the metagame, but never managed to grow to full power. The Deck still suffers the same flaws as before: it’s having a hard time handling big monsters.




The format completely changed since YCS Prague. SPYRAL is almost out of the metagame making way for a lot of new and exciting Decks. Let’s see and find out what Duelists in YCS Bochum came up with!