Decks to expect at YCS Liverpool

29.10.2016 | 12:40 |
The first large scale European event is taking place this weekend in Liverpool. YCS Minnesota 2 weeks ago already set the pace of the new format. Tomorrow we will see what European players came up with. Since the most dominant Decks were crippled by the latest Forbidden & Limited List players were forced to innovate and try something new. With the release of the latest Structure Decks Blue-Eyes White Dragon is back and in Minnesota even Dark Magician made a strong showing! Here are your Decks to expect. Before we talk about Decks I want to elaborate on why it is important to know which Decks to expect? It’s a matter of preparation. As a player predicting the correct metagame it is a big competitive advantage since you will have a good Side Board or even some tech cards in the Main Deck that will give you the edge over your opponents. Furthermore knowing your Match-Ups will make you practice the correct plays. For example while playtesting with your friends you notice that your Deck has a particular weakness against a certain Deck or certain card. You still have time to tweak the Deck or put some cards in the Side Board to improve the Match-Up. Knowing standard plays also takes off a lot pressure from you as a player. You don’t have to think every situation or play through; you just know what to do. In a long tournament like a YCS this can turn out to be a big advantage.


Metalfoe Fusion


Metalfoes seems to be the Deck to beat at the moment. In the finals of YCS Minnesota we saw a Metalfoes Mirror Match. They were released in The Dark Illusion and shook up the metagame. It is still a strong contender here in Liverpool even though it seems like it got overshadowed by one of the new releases.


ABC Dragon Buster


ABC is the next big thing. Browsing through the crowd and talking to players I had the impression that it’s the most talked about Deck right now. With the release of the Structure Deck: Seto Kaiba a strategy of the early days – XYZ it was called back then – was reanimated. When I started playing in 2004 X-Head Cannon was a big force and with its 1800 Attack Points it was hard to come by. In today’s Decks the card mainly serves as filler as it’s only a vanilla monster with no effect. Still, it brings back good memories. The Deck itself spams a lot of Rank 4 XYZ monsters.


Blue Eyes Alternative White Dragon


Blue Eyes is still a viable force today. Even though players lost a little bit of interest in the Deck since the release of ABC, it is still a fan favourite. The Deck has a lot of draw power with Trade-In and Pot of Desires and it can muster big field presence in a single turn. Still, it suffers from consistency issues and that’s the main reason players switched to something different.




Phantom Knight Burning Abyss has been floating around since 2014 and is the most long lived Deck in the current metagame. 2 years of competitiveness is a very long time in Yu-Gi-Oh! calendar. The Deck has already suffered from various Forbidden & Limited Lists. Still it’s a popular pick among Duelists today. What’s so different? The biggest strength of the Deck is its consistency. Basically, the Deck consists of 40 floaters making it a good choice in a long tournament like a YCS.


Ties of the Brethren


Another proved strategy is Majespector. It was the second best Pendulum based Deck after PePe. Now, with the release of Ties of the Brethren the Deck gained an enormous amount of speed. Ties of the Brethren reminds me a lot of Soul Charge back in the days. A card that you always want to open with and that allows you to build a big field that’s hard to break. Tomorrow we will see if the Deck can keep up with the speed of Metalfoes. There is very little room for rogue Decks in the current metagame. Especially when you are travelling to a big event such as a YCS you don’t want to risk having to drop out early. Duelists don’t want to take that risk. From a player perspective I do understand this decision. For coverage it is hard to find something innovative. Nevertheless, be assured that we will keep an eye on any rogue Deck that is doing well at this event, either here at written coverage or on our live stream on Twitch. Stay tuned for all the action at YCS Liverpool!