Decks to expect at YCS London 2017

28.10.2017 | 16:06 |

It’s been three years since we had a YCS in London. The whole team is pretty excited to be here again. London is always very special since the YCS is part of MCM Comic Con which is the largest Comic Con in the UK attracting thousands of Comic and Anime fans as well as all kinds of Cosplayers from all over the World. As a bonus entering YCS London lets you visit the Con as well! But let’s stick to Yu-Gi-Oh!.

Super Agent


YCS Dallas took place a week ago and usually the first big event of a new format serves as a good indicator on how the metagame will evolve. In Dallas SPYRALS made their first big showing on the tournament scene. The Deck turned out to be so dominant that 90% of the Top 32 were SPYRALS. It would be a huge surprise to see a different metagame here in London. The Deck itself is versatile enough to go first or second and it has enough room for innovation and tech cards. Drone for example lets you peek at the top 3 cards of your opponent’s Deck giving you valuable information about his next draws and stacking the worst card on top. So basically, your opponent is having only 5 cards to play with. On top of that, it ensures your Super Agent play.


Trickstar Reincarnation


Trickstar is going to see play as well. The Deck has a lot of OTK potential due to the Trickstar Incarnation and Droll & Lock Bird. On the other hand, the Deck can do small damage with attacks and burn. Either way, the Deck has a hard time in handling strong monsters. They can’t beat over them without Honest. Me personally, I’m very curious to find out if Duelists solved the consistency issues of the Deck.


Invoked Macheba


Some people will be encouraged by the success of the Invoked Deck that made into the Top 32 of YCS Dallas. At the LLDS Final some Duelists seemed to give the Deck a chance. It seems an obvious choice in the current metagame. The Deck didn’t lose any key cards and was already a strong pick last format. The Invoked fusions are very powerful being equipped with Quick Effects. The Deck hardly ever runs out of resources if you get to resolve Aleister the Invoker successfully.


Duelist Alliance


Pendulum Magicians were hyped before YCS Dallas. The Deck is very consistent and does what it’s supposed to do: search and set up scales. Unfortunately, all the current top Decks run too many outs to stop Pendulum dead in its tracks.




ABC is back in action. The Deck is basically the same as it was a year ago, but it got more options to set up the ABC-Dragon Buster play. The only downside to the Deck is that almost any other Deck runs Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries with the option to deprive the ABC player off his boss monster.

The whole team is already looking forward to the event! Let’s see and find out what players came up with!