Decks to expect at YCS London

Since YCS London is the first large scale tournament of the new format, there are quite a few Decks the players have to prepare for.

The Top 3 Decks are still in effect, but lately there was a switch from the ever so popular Shadoll Deck to Burning Abyss. Those are going to be the Decks to beat and therefore any serious contender has to prepared for this matchup.

Shadolls are relying heavily on their strong Fusion Monsters using [shd fus]. The all important Extra Deck card is:

El Shaddoll Construct[abstand]

Whereas Burning Abyss is using Rank 3 XYZ Monsters to fuel the graveyard and trigger the effect of the Monsters. One of the most important cards being:

Dante Traveller[abstand]

Another popular Deck that fell a little behind lately is the Satellarknight Archetype. It is still a very powerfull Deck ready to summon any Rank 4 XYZ Monster having proved itself to be the most versatile toolbox in the game at the moment. The Deck seems to be under the radar of many players, maybe someone can surprise us?

The key to success will be preparation. The players will be facing many “mirror-matches” (where 2 of the same Deck type play against each other) and whoever is better prepared will win the game. So side decking will become crucial to success in this tournament; I spoke to a few players before the tournament and they share this estimation.

With the release of the new [i]Legendary Collection 5D’s[/i] [quasar] became tournament legal in Europe and we definitely can expect some players to try and build a Deck around it. The Deck is focused around strong Synchro Summons and I’m already keen to see how the newest addition to the European metagame will compete. We will keep you informed!

If there are any rogue Decks that skipped our radar and are doing well at the tournament we will be doing a Deck Profile later today, so check back later!

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